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Why do you keep failing? : Part 2 Interaction

As we discussed in part 1 any business needs customers and in order to get those customers you are going to need to employ a level of interaction. Thankfully with the advent of Social Networks this makes our job so much easier because no longer do we need to search endless directories for numbers to call our prospects and basically do the sales thing.


Facebook is a good starting point for any beginner in marketing as it was designed for any level of user, so if you are just starting out this would be the first choice of platform.

One thing not to do when you create a place to promote your opportunity is confuse Facebook Pages with Facebook Groups as this is another easy mistake for the beginner to make. Pages are for just your posts and users can then comment only on your posts whereas Groups allow anyone to post and anyone to comment.

If you have ever joined a Facebook marketing group then by now you’ve probably already seen the sheer number of posts each group get per day and this is done using Autoposters which I do not condone nor use. In fact, thanks to autoposters the already pretty confusing world of marketing has been made totally incomprehensible.

The trick here is to basically ignore anything that does not have any personalization. In these cases this is likely just a post set up by a user who never bothered to read into the opportunity they posted and chose to just put a generic message up whilst spamming hundreds of groups.

For example here is a post I saw on one of my own groups. We are going to strip this one and find out whats really going on:

spam example image

Whats wrong with this post?


First you need to ask  yourself is it even realistic to be paid over two thousand dollars for reading 10 text messages on your phone? To be paid $47 for each message received is, in reality just not plausible.

Second is why on earth would someone tell you about this if it were actually true? On looking at the page you are give little in the form of clarity and worse yet you are expected to pay a sum from your credit card upon joining.

Now, in the past I have actually looked deeper into these programs and the real truth is that they never, ever pay out the amounts stated and instead say you will be given a position in a waiting line then given maybe 1/50th of what they actually stated with a minimum withdrawal so as to keep you processing worthless messages for much longer than you’d like.

And to think you just paid for that information!

The main problem with this promotion is that the numbers stated are just silly for doing something that anybody could do in 10 minutes. The text in the post suggests that this was hasty. “Be paid” instead of “Get paid” and of course the number 47 that seems to have magical effects in marketing.

If you feel you need to dig deeper into an opportunity then it’s always a safe bet to check out the record for information on the owner of the site and when it was registered.

A check on this link shows the following:

Whois recorded information

The tax haven of europe is listed as the domain registrar which is not a good sign. Sometimes you will see no information at all for the whois record and for these sites it’s always wise to steer clear. If the program you are joining doesn’t want anyone to know who they are then how can you trust them? (BTW don’t listen to IMReportCards recommendations as i have a funny feeling that site is run by the owners that have the highest ratings 😉 )

So there you have it. A classic spam post promoting a scam program. You are going to see thousands of these and best practice is to leave well alone. Remember the age-old saying

“If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”

In this post you have learned to avoid the clear scam posts and put a bit more professionalization into your posts. It’s always good practice to have your own pre-sale page up that covers the most frequently asked questions or just ask the viewer to contact you. Better yet build a Facebook page that addresses these questions.

I told you that stripping marketing to its core was going to be a huge process so again i am going to stop here and continue in the next post to continue interaction methods.



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