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Vick Strizheus is back and up to his old tricks


You read that right! Vick Strizheus has returned to network marketing after a short pause that lasted approximately 3 months. It came as quite a shock that the man who was arrested and sentenced for insurance fraud and then went on to moving that fraud to the Network Marketing industry would return so quickly after his latest con.

Lets go back to 2014 when Big Idea Mastermind was Vicks site to make money. He had lots of followers and money but as usual he went down his old route and completely shit on the people who made him what he is today.


This is Vicks strategy for anyone who is unfamiliar with this piece of work. Step by step.

  1.  Build a site about marketing (just a landing page for now with a way to capture email addresses)
  2.  Put 1 video on that site and 4 more coming soon images to suggest that video 2,3,4 and 5 are on the way.
  3. In the first video talk about how great he feels when you, the marketer, makes money and use references to being ‘blessed’ and other religious references.  Also talk about the common misconceptions to marketing which by now everyone with any common sense would know and spend 28 minutes talking about how great it is going to be and whats coming to whet the appetite.
  4. Offer the first video for free and show that the other 4 are coming. This will build your following.
  5. Send an email about Video 2 being complete and ready to view then on clicking the link explain that this information is for members only. Membership for now is free as you are encouraging the signup to more useless information through the curiosity technique.
  6. All the while you are building hype by offering the first useless video for free and leaving a FB comments box underneath to gain an audience (as you can see by the comments most of these marketers are beginners and have no knowledge of his past conning methods).

 At this point Vick has made no money but lots of hype to his useless product. Now comes the twist. Keep reading:

  1. The next email comes that Video 3 is ready but now you have to pay him $497 (approx but it varies. With BIM it was over $2,000!) to get access to the laughably named “Training Area” where you will have access to more useless videos and more coming soon promises.

But heres the rub. Vick, being the nice guy he is will discount 100% of that fee if you join him in a program which has the same price. Now isn’t that nice. You have the option of getting all this training from him for nothing and all you need to do is join him in an MLM opportunity. Last year with Big Idea Mastermind it was Empower Network @ $5,000 and his training cost approximately the same so you were getting something for nothing. Or at least that’s what he wanted you to believe.

You can see the technique in action below

I have no idea what the opportunity will be this time around but I do know that as Vick really knows nothing ethical at least about marketing you can be guaranteed you are going to be paying for something he created that never gets finished.

But if Vick is so good at getting an audience why does he never finish any of his training sites? The only answer I can come up with for this is that he only knows so much and will not share the big bucks stuff with anyone for any price. That’s one reason but the other reason is contained in the clause of refund on all his sites. Members who stay members over a certain period (usually 30 -90 days) are no longer entitled to a refund but as you joined a program (the MLM he got you to join)  he doesn’t own anyway he is not liable to pay back anything.

Last year Vick Strizheus set up a marketing campaign called the 10kChallenge (not to be confused with sites of a similar name) as part of his BIM promotion. The idea was simple. The members had to give a big push to promoting their own BIM affiliate link in order to generate EN signups for themselves and it was widely talked about by some big names.

But there was one problem. Actually there were several but the challenge went on regardless. Within 28 days Vick had amassed over $700,000 from his EN signups whilst the BIM members seemed to make significantly less than normal despite the effort they put into paying for traffic and generating lots of attention to their affiliate links but why?

This is the really slimy part and what seperates Vick Strizheus from ethical human beings. You won’t understand the process until I actually explain what the Big Idea Mastermind affiliate material consisted of so I will now try to explain that.

All of BIMs affiliate creatives consisted of a 3 part signup system with each part on a new page.

For example, you are asked a question “Do you want to make $10,000 this month?”  to which the viewer would answer yes.

Second question “Are you willing to work for that for the next 28 days?” again the answer is yes.

Third page is the Name and Email Address form with a signup link. This is where Vick worked his magic. The code was altered on day 1 of challenge so the lead would go to Vick and the signup link would be redirected to his BIM affiliate link instead of the link the user was promoting.  This meant as soon as the visitor signed up to BIM the link they would go to in order to access the highly priced training would be Vicks very own Empower Network affiliate link.

People complained over the course of this challenge about lost signups but all the time they were promoting just for Vick.

Shortly after that Vick left Empower Network which clearly pissed off the 2 Davids that run it but he said it was something to do with legislation in South Dakota when in reality it was because he received a cease & desist order from the authorities and was no longer allowed to promote EN in that state.


Don’t be fooled. This guy is pure scum (let the timer count down and see what happens!)

So now we are in 2015 and Vick has returned. This time with High Traffic Academy. The same process has taken place as he did with Big Idea Mastermind (unfinished videos and nothing but hype) and soon he will pitch you his next MLM. I have no idea what that will be yet but I will keep you posted.

So if you watch a Video of Vicks and are convinced then try watching it again because the reality comes out in the second viewing. No real information and remarks to religion with promises of great things to come. As usual they will never materialize and Vick will just use HTA as his next funnel of suckers promoting all for him.


2016 Update

So here we are coming to the end of 2016 and what is Vicks next scam called?

Those who joined High Traffic Academy are probably thinking by now: “Why did i pay $995 for a course he just duplicated to his other sites?” and the answer is the same as the method the legends network used. Rehash the same old crap and sell it as a new name if you don’t have the ability to work for a living.

So with that in mind Vicks next illusion of wealth system is called The Four Percent Group.

This guy is so full of himself he has to appear in all his scams.

vick the prick strizheus

Vick is back in 2016 with the laughably named Four Percent Group


By now i don’t really have to tell you what this is and how it works because to put it bluntly all of Vicks stuff is SHIT.

A guy who never did an honest days work in his life is trying to convince people that they don’t have to work as long as they sacrifice humanity and ethics. A contradiction in terms?

6 Comments on Vick Strizheus is back and up to his old tricks

  1. Bobby Huskey // May 14, 2015 at 9:06 pm // Reply

    Great article

  2. Awesome is all true a pay Vick and EN for nothing for 6 month !!!
    You are amaizing , great work !

  3. This guy is full of shit. Just look at his eyes and his lack of conviction when he speaks. Plus he edits the video a few times. You’re just a little lost lamb in the woods bro, you think you’re educating people? you just look like a fool or someone who has been chasing dreams and kept getting played by the big boys. Guys, This bald fat guy is nothing but a jokester, his words are no facts and have no weight to them. Nothing about this video is true. Use your own brains.

    • Of course thats the issue and the very reason people like Vick exist. Because people do not use their brains to do the research before parting with thousands of dollars they haven’t a hope in hell of ever seeing again.

      And to consider Vick to be a big boy is very naive of you. If you actually knew his real address (which we cannot publish for obvious reasons) you might wake up and see this illusion of wealth he exerts is just that. An illusion.

  4. You are 100% right that con man scammed me in a group called 4% group! We need to get this son of a bitch!

    • As you probably know by now The Four Percent Group is just a funnel for Techademics? That’s all this guy does. Talk about how great he is then get all his members to promote for him!

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