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Unresponsive Lists

unresponsive list unresponsive list

I bet at some point in your internet marketing ventures you heard the infamous quote “the money is in the list”. You were told to “just look around”. Examples were shown to you everywhere. Even Microsoft itself builds a list.

So you went out and you joined an auto-responder and you got yourself a nice membership based site, or you got yourself a nice ebook to build your list, or whatever it is you used – only you find the list you are building to be unresponsive.

Whats worse is that upon closer inspection and with more years of experience you begin to learn its not just you, its most marketers.

Whereas the top marketing guru’s have a 40% and a 50% response rate, you are learning most marketers can’t make it past the 2% to 3% response rate. And buyers? Forget it!

So how are these top marketers getting such a high response rate verse everyone else? Well you see that’s the thing no one talks about or teaches about. Building a list was NOT about having a list to email to. It was always much bigger than that.

Lists should never have been called “email lists“. They should have been called “social list of emails”. The key being that you have to be social with you list.

Simply emailing a list of subscribers is never going to cut it and it never did.

If you want to really have an effective list, you have to engage each person on that list one by one. You have to treat your list, just like a membership site.

One of the things I do at the Marketers Cooperative when someone joins, is I reach out to them. I begin a conversation. I say hello. I ask for their skype address. I start talking to them and find out what their needs are and why they joined.

List building is exactly the same. When you get a new person joining your list, rather than doing the typical thing of sending them to a series of auto responder messages, you should have a “hand off” list.

A “hand off” list is a list someone gets added to until they are qualified. Its a list that sends them a simple introduction message followed up with qualifier questions. Qualifier questions are things like “is there any chance we could communicate in real time on a messenger such as skype?”. “What made you join my list?”, “Is there anything specific you would like to know about this program?”. And similar questions that require an engagement from the subscriber.

If the subscriber does not engage, do not add them to the list they subscribed to as they have no qualified.

Following this simple practice will result in a MUCH more responsive list. Your list will be smaller logically aas those who don’t qualify don’t make it on your list. One has to ask themselves though, would they rather have a list of hundreds of thousands of dead contacts who do not buy, or a list of a few thousand that are responsive and spend money?

The longer you build your lists like this, just like with any list building strategy, the bigger your list will be. Only now others will be looking at you wondering how YOUR list is so responsive compared to everyone else.

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  1. Excellent article Bruce and so true. The money certainly is in the list but its also in the Social interaction element otherwise its just a lost of strangers who don’t know who you are or what you do. Think they will buy from you?

  2. Bruce I agree with you, most lists are invitations to be labeled as a spammer. Building a responsive list starts with the squeeze page and targeting it to a specific topic. If you start out giving subscribers what they want and nee, then continue with more of the same, it’s common sense it will work better. It took me years to figure that out.

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