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Unlimited Credits – Text Ad Exchange Marketing

One of the most popular free traffic methods to date is known as the text ad exchange. Honestly it surprises me just how effective these exchanges are. It surprises me because the is a flaw in the programming of every single text ad exchange that exists that can be used to get an unlimited amount of free credits. Before I explain how to get limitless credits, let me tell you just what a text ad exchange is. A text ad exchange is a type of marketing exchange where members can add banners (468x60 and 125x125), where you can add text links, menu links, login ads, and send out solo ads, which is a form of credit based email marketing. In fact, not just the emails, but the entire text ad exchange marketing system is based on earning credits for viewing other peoples ads.

unlimited text ad exchange credits unlimited text ad exchange credits

Just like with a safelist or a surf exchange, you earn credits, and then you spend those credits for your advertising.

Here is the problem with text ad exchanges, whoever programmed them, did a bad job. That person handed bad programming to countless people. Even though I have seen countless updates and improvements to the script, there are still serious problems with almost every text ad exchange I have ever seen. But the good news is those problems benefit the free marketer.

The problem with text ad exchanges lies in the credit links. First let me show you an example of a typical credit link from an incoming solo ad. Clicking this link is what allows you to earn credits from reading the email.

Click the link below to earn 500 points


If you notice the url has 4 parts. First is the domain name, this part is not so much important for what we are discussing. Next comes the file name clicks.php which could be called anything but is often clicks.php, solo.php, or supersolo.php. Third is your username which in my example is ?userid=ViralAdmin, some systems use a number instead of a username. The last bit is the most important &id=1998, this is the id the system has given for the email you are going to read. Each email has a different number and the number is sequential.

Using this bit of information you can create a text file of urls as follows.

Then goto a website service such as and paste the links from your text file to the urlopener. Opening all the links in various tabs at the same time you can build up the credits very quickly. I open 25 links at a time and usually 250,000 credits at a time per system with this method.

Now some text ad exchange owners have attempted to fix this problem. What they have done is included a random seed in the url. So instead of what I displayed above, instead your links may have an included &seed=12345. The url will look similar to the following.

Click the link below to earn 500 points


This actually does fix the problem, but the thing is it only fixes the problem on the email links, and this problem exists on ALL the links in text ad exchanges. So if you hapen to face a text ad exchange that has the extra random seed what you can do is visit the text ad exchange in question, login in, and copy the url from the first banner you see. It should look similar to the following.

Unlike with the email example I gave you above, for the banner links to work you MUST be logged in for this method to work. However the method is identical, just change the number of the id= and count backwards. Typically you are going to want to use the links that give you the most credits for your clicks. This usually starts with emails, then either banners or button banners, then hotlinks, however every single text ad exchange is different.

Also understand if you are not using the links from emails, it usually takes considerably longer to do this, however it still beats manually clicking and viewing ads and saves TONS of time. I can build millions of credits in almost any exchange in a few hours.

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