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Unique SEO method – own your keywords

You know, there is so much hype in the marketing industry that it is truly hard to find the real marketing treasures. So often do I read ads and hear things like "brand new marketing method" when I know the truth is its nothing more than a rehashed idea that barely works and certainly doesn't work as claimed. The truth is there are very rarely truly new marketing ideas. Most are nothing more than tweaks and improvements to old methods of marketing. That's not true of the marketing method I am going to explain to you today. Today, I am going to explain to you something truly unique.

Today I want to discuss with you a program known as kulesearch. Kulesearch is actually the worlds most complete social search engine. From kulesearch you can search sites such as twitter, facebook, yahoo answers, ebay, linkedin, crunchbase, youtube, bebo, myspace, and a list of other sites. As far as social search engines go, Kulesearch is truly a cut above the rest.

kulesearch, just like any quality search engine, also has paid advertising. You should realize that when you search google, quite often the first few result are paid search results, well the same is true of kulsearch. Unlike google which uses a pay per click sales methods however, kulesearch uses an entirely different and very much first of its kind approach. Its this approach that is the power of profit of this new marketing system.

The way it works is simple. Inside your kulesearch account you will see an option to buy keywords. When you buy a keyword or key phrase, you own it. The first time a keyword is purchased it costs twenty cents as long as no one else already owns the keyword. After you purchase a keyword you can then set whatever site you want to point at that keyword. Your site is then listed for that keyword forever. As long as you own the keyword your site will be the very first site listed when someone searches that phrase.

Here’s the thing though. Someone else can buy your kulesearch keyword from you. If you purchased a keyword for twenty cents, someone must pay you twenty five cents to buy it. Then their site become the first site listed for that keyword. At that point you can either keep your profits, or buy the keyword back and re-list your site as the first site.

The more times a keyword is bought and sold, the more the value of they keyword is worth. For example if you purchased a kulesearch keyword for ten dollars, someone would have you buy it back from you for $15 giving you a five dollar profit. If you purchased a keyword for a thousand someone would have to pay you one thousand five hundreds to get the keyword giving you a five hundred dollar profit.

Some of the keywords on kulesearch are worth a good sum of money and others still go unclaimed. The site is vastly profitable and brings in a good deal of traffic. I have generated a lot of nice affiliate sales on this site also.

However the benefits of kulesearch don’t end there. Kulesearch is also an AWESOME seo tool. The reason is kulesearch has microblogs, blogs, and social accounts set up all over the place. Everytime a keyword is purchased on kulesearch, these accounts and blogs are updated announcing what keyword was purchased, and what site was listed for the keyword.

This means you key a lot of links on social sites, blogs, and microsblog sites just for buying keywords. I actually have seen a GREAT impact from using this site in my seo efforts. I can’t stress enough the add seo value of using this site. I have purchased about 250 keywords using this site and let me tell you the SEO from it is incredible. Thats 250 backlinks added from the search engine itself, and another 25,000 backlinks from the update announcements kulesearch sends out – approximately one hundred per keyword.

The only somewhat downfall to this site is its really a paid marketing method. There is a requirement that you put at least ten dollars in your account to get started. I have never had to add more money to my account since day one, the account continues to pay for itself while also putting money in my pocket just from the buying and selling that goes on inside the site.

Kulesearch is truly a marketing gem and everyone should try its effectiveness at least once. You will be surprised just how far ten dollars can go in your marketing efforts by using this site.

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