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Turn no into motivation

The word no sucks. Especially as a business owner. Sometimes we accept no and move on, and sometimes we just get hung up on it. Those times are when we need to turn no into motivation. Most anyone with a business knows what its like for a customer to say no. We know the rejection of hearing those famous "Sorry not interested" replies. As marketers and as business owners these are things we either grow to accept or get out of the business. However what about when we contact another business owner or marketer and ask them for a partnership of some sort or a joint venture of some sort?

keep calm, take the hits and keep moving forward keep moving forward

Those are the times we are not accustomed to hearing no. When we do hear it, we get angry, we get defensive, and we simply don’t want to take no for an answer. We know where our business is heading in the future and we want this partnership for a reason.

It feels like a set back. Sometimes it can feel like we should just give up. Why bother if we can’t get the partnerships we need to let our business excel? Hearing no when asking for partnerships is truly heartbreaking.

So how should we deal with no? We should turn no into motivation.

How to turn no into motivation

Okay so you were just rejected a partnership from someone you consider essential to the success of your business. The only thing we can do is to carry on as if we never asked for that partnership. Keep building the idea. Keep building your business. Make partnerships with other people. You may hear a lot of “no” but you will also hear a few replies of “yes”.

It’s the yes’ you need to focus on.

Wait wait wait…. thats not how to turn a no into motivation is it?

It depends on your mindset really. See for me, when I hear no what that really means is “make yourself more known to me and ask again in the future”. To do that I start making more and more partnerships. I try to make it so everywhere the person who said “no” to me goes, they see me. I want them to recognize the next time I speak to them that whatever I am working on, will be a good partnership with what they do. This is how to turn no into motivation.

See the motivation in “no” for me is that it motivates me to try harder to get them to say yes. Not through pestering, but rather through more branding of my business, more partnerships partnerships, and through business growth.

So each time I hear no it just means my business is going to excel that much more.

The topic of how to turn no into motivation is very important, especially today. I just received the word “no” today from someone I went and requested a partnership from. The person I asked for a partnership doesn’t see the value in what I am offering yet.

My heart sank. This was what I considered to be one of four key partners in what I am building. Hearing no sucks. I believe I have the other 3 partners secured so I see this as a bit of a setback.

However all I can do is push onward and keep adding more and more to what I do and perhaps in a few more months reattempt to see if this person is interested or not. I keep reminding myself that not everyone has my vision and not everyone can see what I am building.

So I have to make my vision more and more of a reality so they do see it and want to be a part of it. I need to turn no into motivation, and as hard as it can be thats what must be done.

Like I say, sometimes its not easy, but its essential to the growth of business to turn no into motivation and not get caught up on the word.

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