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Traffic Monsoon – The Beginning of the end?

traffic monsoon imploding? The first signs of Implosion

So today 12th January 2016 @ 8:31am GMT Traffic Monsoon dropped the bombshell that they are no longer processing Paypal withdrawals.

If you look back at the earlier post on Network marketing and Morals you’ll see this was going to happen anyway but it seems now that Paypal have finally taken their thumb out of their asses and suspended Traffic Monsoon pending investigation.

We all know how that will turn out right? So what has Charles Scoville decided to do? Well he has supposedly taken an all-expenses paid trip (paid for by you no doubt) to Dubai to open a bank and what’s he going to call it? Well the TM Worldwide Bank of course!

If you’ve been in network marketing long enough you’ll know that back in 2013 Wealth4All had the same issue with their processor and decided to do the same thing (though not as far as a bank) with Pre-Paid Mastercards. That didn’t last long but it lasted long enough to fool the members into thinking something was actually being done before they zipped off with the money.

In fairness to Wealth4All they did at least attempt to pay everyone back their initial investment but with the kind of cash Charles has been spending on EasyHits4U advertising and plane trips to Dubai do you really think thats the plan? He didn’t do it in his last 6 failed ponzis so why should TM be any different?

I’m leaving this one open to debate because i’m sure we’re going to get the people who don’t want to believe it’s over with the ones who accept it and move on. This should be interesting 🙂

The Video is the first step to damage limitation on the owners part lol


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  1. After watching this being advertised beyond belief and being prompted to join by friends and associates I am certainly glad I went with my gut and stayed out. Sometimes ads just irritate me in their presentation and this was one of them

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