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This is why you stay broke!

Y ou are broke because you want to play it safe. I realize people don’t want to be told this, but its the truth. Now you are probably thinking how very wrong I am because you don’t play it safe at all.

If that is your thought, you are very likely wrong, you just don’t see it as such.

Overall its not absolutely everyone that has a hard time making money online. We are going to talk about the groups of people I see struggle most often with internet marketing and finding success through the internet.

brick and mortar

brick and mortar

First are what I define as brick and mortar business owners. Brick and morter business owners are people that generally either setup basic sites, or pay someone to setup sites for them.

If they are serious about driving traffic from the internet most will hire someone to do the work for them, as they have more important things to worry about – like their clients and their work.

Most of these people have real drive, but no time to deal with the internet. Some are majorly successful and some are not but either way their existence online usually has little to do with it.



Next come the investors. These people, always play it safe – until they go broke or give up. Generally the way it works is, they figure out exactly how much they can risk. They tend to join some small scam. They put a little money it.

If it works and they get their investment back, they add more. If it continues working, they keep adding more and more and more. And eventually they find their houses, cars, kids, college funds, and everything else in their life is gone.

Why? Because they had to play it safe and feel things out and start small and do things “right”.

Like I say, people who play it safe go broke!

network marketers

network marketers

Moving along we have our network marketers. Although there are many many successful network marketers, the majority stay broke. The reason is, once again, they play it safe.

A person who joins an MLM sits down before joining and figures out how much the MLM is going to cost to join, and then they have plans on investing tons of time into do it yourself marketing.

The only risk they are taking is in joining the business – which overall isn’t risk at all.

In fact this is the real problem with why most people fail, they try do it yourself marketing. They don’t take any genuine risk.

juggle the puzzle

juggle the puzzle

To finish out list we have entrepreneurs. These people never ever fail. Some it takes longer than others, but in the end, entrepreneurs always succeed. These are the people behind the businesses that you here of that are oh so successful.

So what makes these people successful while you stay broke? They will stop at nothing to achieve success, and they will truly risk everything. When I say everything I literally mean everything.

A typical success story of an entrepreneur is rather horrific. Its about people who go days without food to save money to invest in their businesses. Its about people who skip paying rent one month, car payments the next, electricity the next, and back and forth they juggle.

They don’t simply join something and then sit back ensuring their bills stay paid moaning about how much they struggle. They sacrifice everything they have.


The invest hundreds that they don’t have each month into advertising and trying new things. They are everywhere talking to everyone.

That’s the difference between what you are doing and what successful people do. You make sure your bills are paid as best you can. You spend what limited extra you have on your business, if anything at all other than the fee’s to be involved with whatever you are involved with.

Or maybe you are among the many thinking they will get rich on passive investments. Taking little bits putting it in so you can feel safe and keep the family fed and the bills paid.

This is NOT what successful people are doing. They only care enough about their bills to ensure they are not evicted. They risk everything. They don’t play it safe and only set aside what they can afford to set aside.

The fact is, this industry isn’t for everyone. If you are not going to risk everything you have, you don’t have what it takes to be successful online. Thats all their is to it.

♠ ♠ ♠

When I created Marketers Cooperative one of the main reasons was because I could not find any program I could truly believe in that would also generate a lasting income for people.

I really wasn’t into most of the products sold via network marketing and doing affiliate sales seemed rather hollow and offered nothing in the way of long term residual.

I also tried countless marketing training products, mlm’s, services, video series, and ebooks and found almost all of them to be either dated, lacking in information, or just plain scams.

I wanted something different. I wanted a business that absolutely everyone involved with internet marketing could use.

marketers cooperative

Keeping in mind why most people stay broke, I wanted to create something that would ensure those who joined were successful. In order to do that, I had to put heavy consideration into both the pricing and the business model.

I needed something that was beneficial to the masses of marketers and business owners online, I needed a price point high enough that it would cost to much for those who play it safe, and something that that longer one was a member, the larger the return they would get.

I also wanted a program that did not require members to refer others and make sales to make money. I wanted something people would earn based on efforts rather than successful efforts. To me, trying is all it should take to earn online.

So the first thing I did was focus on products. The one thing everyone in business online needs is webhosting. Unfortunately, there is so much web hosting in the world, its a flooded industry.



If I was going to make webhosting part of the services, I was going to have to make sure it was different than what others offer. So I created the cooperative hosting, to be hosting that grows with the member.

So I created two different premium hosting packages. These packages are unique in that we ensure only a select number of customers will ever be on a server before we add more servers to our hosting.

More importantly, I included grow with your business type hosting for members of Marketers Cooperative. What this means is if someone chooses to become a member of marketers cooperative, there hosting is included with their dues. We ensure our members, do not have to pay added fee’s or increased costs.

If a member of marketers cooperative grows beyond our capacity to host it, we do not tell the member they need to upgrade, rather we go out and buy new servers and upgrade the hosting to ensure they don’t have to pay anything additional – a problem that plagues marketers as they grow.

After webhosting, I worked out a deal with the people at ™ to provide webinar solutions to cooperative members on their start meeting platform.

This deal allows each member who joins Marketers Cooperative to get their own webinar solution.

This webinar solution allows members their own webinar wall, which they can configure before each meeting they host with meeting materials.

It also allows each user to record and store up to 1GB of video and audio recordings of their meetings.

All webinars are provided with dialin numbers that allow unlimited people to dial in. From the web interface 50 members can join and sit in.

The solution includes standard features of webcams, screensharing, whiteboard tools, meeting moderations (Q&A, Lecture, and stand mode), and all other options one would expect from a webinar solution.

This product comes free to all who join marketers cooperative as long as they stay actively paying dues. Non-cooperative members can also purchase this service from Marketers Cooperative store.

classroom education

Classroom Education

Classroom education is one of the key cornerstone services and it is only a service we offer to Cooperative Members, not the public at large.

Each month we hold 2 classroom education sessions via our webinar classrooms (sometimes we miss one).

At these meetings we discuss best marketing techniques as business owners.

We discuss topics like community building, content creation, getting review, SEO, list building, membership websites, local marketing practices, and all sorts of other things.

Each month that a person pays dues, they may attend these two classes, and if they miss them we provide them with recordings of the classes.

Unlike other programs, because our classes are done in real time over the internet, there is never a time our marketing information becomes dated or expired.

If information no longer works, we stop teaching it and move on to what does work. Often times we try to focus on what doesn’t work to get people to stop utilizing bad practices.


On top of what has already been discussed, we also have an open source marketing platform – OSMP. The OSMP platform is an advertising platorm that anyone is free to download and use available inside marketers cooperative.

Our usage of the OSMP platform at Marketers Cooperative, allows anyone who joins the website to earn advertising. We have 5 different monthly upgrades and a few various types of advertising that one can utilize.

Cooperative members get free upgrades on the OSMP platform each time they pay their monthly dues. These are included at no additional fee’s whereas the public at large must direct purchase upgrades within the site.

mccr marketers cooperative crypto rewards

I stated earlier on one of the things I wanted was to have a system where the longer a member stayed involved and the more effort they put forth, the more return they would get – regardless of the results of those efforts.

To achieve this, we had to turn to cryptocurrency. Our use of cryptocurrency however, is not like the typical use of cryptocurrency.

We use cryptocurrency to distribute value to our members. Only members of Marketers Cooperative can mine the currency. We teach them exactly how to do this. The more they mine, the more the value of the cooperative they maintain.

What we do is we take 80% of all sales and profits and we store it in a fund. This fund is distributed to members based on how many cryptocoins they are holding. The longer they stay in our cooperative, the more cryptocoins they can earn – and thus the more money they will make.

Of course, utilizing OSMP will also allow them to further earn out cryptocurrency, which we call MCCR – Marketers Cooperative Crypto Rewards. The public can also earn crypto rewards utilizing the website.

long term investor

long term investor

These cryptocurrency rewards, are above and outside our affiliate program, which one can also join to earn 10% of any purchases for each person they refer to Marketers Cooperative.

This is a free affiliate program available to the public at large and becoming a member no way increases ones earnings within the affiliate program. Cooperative members earn entirely via MCCR. This creates for a fair cooperative where every member has an equal change of profiting.

Because of the way Marketers Cooperative is designed, it’s not the type of program that is going to give people instant rewards overnight.

Instead it takes become a member, staying a member, and getting involved with what we do.

The longer one stays with us, the more they earn. The more customers we have, the more the members all earn.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Bruce Bates is the original owner of the site where this blog originated. He is also owner of the marketers cooperative. He has been marketing for nearly 20 years and is well known in various marketing circles and social circles.

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