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The power of email marketing

The number one form of marketing in the world right now is email marketing. Its not tv, its not cell phones, its not seo, its not radio, its actually email marketing. Email marketing is used by every major corporation that exists. This is why so many products want you to register online. It doesn't matter if you are a software company like microsoft, or a videogame company, or even a furniture store the fact is everyone wants your email and those who don't want your physical address - many want both. This is why everywhere you go in the marketing world you will hear the phase the money is in the list. Having the ability to directly contact thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people whenever you want is a power that even Google

email marketing email marketing

and facebook can’t compete with. Its direct access to people without the need for any search or advertisement.This is why many of the most popular blogs try to give away free ebooks, to get you on their mailing list.

Because email marketing is so powerful, there have been a great deal of marketing programs that have come about that focus on email instead of the traditional social and SEO. If you recall I did a review of Safelist Genie a while back. Safelist Genie is a tool used for one such form of email advertising where all members agree to receive emails from other members called safelists, but safelists are not the only form of email marketing programs.

Solo Advertising

Another type of email advertising that has grown very popular is that of solo ads. Solo email advertising is a type of email advertising that is included with text ad exchanges. Just like safelists these types of sites are based on points and you earn points by viewing other peoples ads. You can trade those point to have your own ads displayed. Text ad exchanges have all sorts of different advertising, one of which are solo email ads. After you earn a certain amount of points you send out a solo email ad and every member of the site receives the ad and earns points from it.

Super Solo Advertising

Because solo email advertising worked so well when it first arrived on the seen, these types of sites seem to grow in mass numbers, so much that they flooded the market. Now unless you are on hundreds of these sites, they are not so effective. So what was created was known as the super solo ad. A super solo ad is a paid email advertisement that goes out to a number of solo ad sites at the same time.

For example if you buy a super solo ad from Ultimate Solos your email ad will go out to 28 different solo advertising websites with a total of over 88,500 people.

Now granted the way these sites work you are not likely to get 88,500 people reading your email. A large part of how many people will read it depends on how good you are at writing emails and email subject lines, but ever then you are still only lucky to get at most a couple thousand people reading your mail but thats a couple thousand people reading your email.

However it doesn’t stop at one site. There are around a dozen of these super solo sites, maybe more. I have collected a small list of them that works well for me. The combined total number of people that can potentially read my emails when I use this services is over 700,000 people.

The sites are as follows:

  1. Ultimate Solos sends to 28 sites – over 88,500 people
  2. Super Solo Ad Network sends to 29 sites – over 64,450 people
  3. Super SoloAds sends to over 85 sites – over 500,000 people
  4. Super Solo Advertising sends to 22 sites – over 37,500 people

Things to remember about Super Solo Advertising Emails

I want to stress a few things about using this type of email marketing. First of all it is NOT spam. Everyone of these sites and services are double optin which means people have not only signed up and agree’d to receive emails from others but they have furthered verified their email address.

Also because these are credit based free traffic sites you absolutely need to be using splash pages for your advertising. I have said before and I will say again I am sure that splash pages are absolutely essential to any and all credit based advertising solutions. You can read a bit more about splash pages on my post how to use a traffic exchange but I want to again point out that the best way in my opinion to make a splash page if you are inexperienced is to get yourself can account with AdKreator.

AdKreator is a site that allows you to create all sorts of different ads for your marketing efforts. It allows you to create header graphics, banners, button banners, and all sorts of other advertising materials. One of the materials it allows you to create includes a splash page.

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