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The EU. IN or OUT?

EU Corruption Was the EU really designed in the best interests of the people?

I know this is a bit off topic for a site about internet traffic generation but I really would like to voice my opinion on this.

I think the question we should be asking about the EU is not “What is it right now and should we stay?” but “What is it going to become and do we want any part in that?”

Winston Churchill himself envisioned the same thing Hitler did with a Unified Europe but he never dreamed the UK would ever be a part of it.

Here are the problems I have with the EU:

1. They say its about environment and order when the real truth strengthened by the TTIP deal is they want to return all the power in the hands of the Elites (bankers, huge corporations, single government) who can push through decisions regardless of the effects to the economy, environment, education systems, health care, etc.

2. They say they want to crush democracy and move to a bureaucratic system where legislation and legality is decided by unelected, unaccountable, paper pushing failed MEPs. At least this part is true but it doesn’t say much for a country to be a part of it. That country is basically saying “we are unable to look after ourselves so we want you to do it for us and we’ll even pay you to be part of the club”. Why would any country want to admit this?

3. The idea that you pay more to receive less is absurd however the EU have managed to achieve a reverse ponzi scheme where you give a lot and get a little in the form or rebate. Why are we sending billions of pounds we clearly cannot afford to a government who, evidence suggest, do not have the best interests of Britain in mind? And why do we continue to do it whilst our Health Service is in the red by over 2 billion pounds?

3. The conservatives were the first to sign the papers to join the EU and in 30 years we’ve seen a steady decline over all services and industries where the poor are getting poorer and the rich are enjoying tax havens and reduced tax rates. The cons joined the EU and now i think the cons should be the ones to leave the EU.

So what are the benefits to remaining in the EU?

Well that’s the thing. Throughout this referendum the Remain side has never once shown us a benefit to remaining other than the ones we already know such as Visa free travel to the countries of the EU, Mobile roaming, access to the single inflated market, charges dropped and the Anti crime relationship agreement we have that allows us to arrest criminals outside of the UK.

Now for the price we currently pay (this has been stated at 19 billion pounds a year before the rebate that the EU sends back with strings attached but to keep the remain camp happy we are going to use the net amount and not the gross) $11,000,000,000  per year to remain a part of this club, those benefits seem very superficial.

But the EU wasn’t designed to be beneficial. It was designed to obtain all the power from the 28 countries currently in the EU and completely crush democracy in the process. Some may argue that democracy is at the heart of many of the problems in the United Kingdom because no matter how we vote nothing ever seems to change. This is not a fault of democracy. It is a fault of the people we choose to run our country.

If we choose to re-elect a government that signed us up to the EU in the first place back in 1973 then it would be in that governments nature to pick up where it left off and that’s exactly what David Cameron has done. Not content with destroying the UK he now wants to make it impossible to ever instigate any change we decide to make as a people and to do this we must remain in the European Union.

David Cameron came into the Conservative party as a respected politician on a quest to make Britain great for the British again but during the 6 year recession we’ve experienced a very significant change in the current prime ministers priorities. Only he would really be able to explain why such a U-Turn from being in favour of exiting the EU to completely supporting it occurred but good luck trying to actually get an answer from him. I personally suspect the once great David Cameron has been transformed into the corrupt businessman we see today.

But enough about yet another slime ball Prime Minister who went in with good intentions and managed to sell Britain out so spectacularly. Lets concentrate on the issue. The EU.

The Remain side, throughout this referendum have been very biased toward the brexiters and it comes as no surprise.  The Remain side consists of big bankers, multi-national corporations and of course a small part of the conservative party, labour party and liberal democrats  whereas the Leave side consists of UKIP, average workers and taxpayers and a portion of the labour and conservative party because the entire political party structure is split on this decision.  (just a side note but its hilarious to think the Liberal Democrats are voting to stay when their party name contains the word Democrats but then Nick Clegg has always been known as the if you can’t beat them, join them kind of sheep who follows the leader to the slaughter demonstrated by the disastrous coalition government a few years back!)

So let’s put that into perspective. Big banks and massive corporations want us to remain in the EU whereas the average taxpayer and common family wants us to leave. Do that suggest to you that the EU is good for Britain or is it good for the Elites who enjoy tax havens and slave labour?

But it gets so much worse.

Firstly though i want you to watch a film created by the donation-funded Brexit side (funny how the remain side with all our taxpayers money have not even bothered to create a movie to support the remain vote)

Every day of this month long referendum we’ve seen David Cameron and his loyal Lap-dog George Osbourne travel to various worker locations and preach about the beginning of World War 3 if we leave the EU. Well not exactly WW3 but in any event according to the people we pay to look after our best interests the future is grim.

Harriet Harman and David Cameron

Possibly the first time David Cameron has ever been to a Supermarket

Last week David Cameron went to the Asda Supermarket possibly for the first time in his life. Donning a tailored suit, there he gave a speech about how the price of the average families shop would increase by £220 (now lowered to £120 for some reason) if we were to leave the EU.

I know what you are thinking or at least some of you are thinking and i was thinking exactly the same thing. Given we are currently bound by the 8% increase in cost of goods by remaining in the EU why exactly would the price increase if we were to leave?

The truth is that whilst it is certainly plausible to suggest your average shop may increase it may also fall and the real truth is they have absolutely no idea what is going to happen.

Lets take the referendum back in early 2000 where the government said the results would be catastrophic to the people if we were to reject joining the single currency (the euro). They predicted a fall in the value of the pound and a rise in interest along with the increase to food and clothing and what happened?

The complete opposite. The pound rose in value, interest rates dropped and the price of products as well as VAT was reduced and the economy thrived.

The point is they were wrong then and they are probably wrong now.

Mark Carney

Mark Carney. Governor of the Bank of England at a tribunal hearing explaining why despite his oath of impartiality he went on the BBC to deliver the Treasury Report and why there was only one outcome prediction.

Next to come was the all-feared Treasury report which peculiarly only gave two predictions to leaving the EU. The worse and the very worse.

This is a very unusual move from the treasury whom we pay to calculate all aspects of a decision yet they leave out the report on remaining in the EU.

When you are voting in a general election it is the treasuries job to predict both outcomes yet in the case of the referendum they only predicted the leave result.

That in itself is reason enough to question why this report was left out. Was the result of staying even worse than the result of leaving? If that were the case then its understandable, though a little unethical, to not include it in the full treasury report.

The same goes if the result of staying in was far better than leaving. In that case it would make perfect sense and even provide an argument for the Remain group to stay in the EU, but no. Just the doom and gloom prediction.

Again the reason is pretty obvious even to the lesser educated in politics. The EU is good for those with lots of money and corporate interests but not good for the actual people who pay their wages.

Lets step up the corruption even further thinks the BBC and David Cameron…

That’s right. As far as arguments on both sides go this has been a very transparent and dismal attempt from the Remain side to basically scare the pants off the British Taxpayer and hit them where it hurts so whats next? Holidays! Of course.

We all know that Britain isn’t the best place in the world when it comes to the weather and the hardworking taxpayer occasionally wants to take a break and get some sun, sea and surf (maybe). What better way to do that than by getting a plane to the European Union and spending some time in different culture? Well Cameron really dropped the ball on this one because he went to EasyJets offices and did a speech, again with Osborne in tow about how much more a holiday abroad will cost if we were to leave the fantastic EU.

David Cameron gives talk on holiday costs with EasyJet

Is there no depth David Cameron will sink to to protect his 200,000 euro a year job in the EU?

Guess what? If we leave the EU the cost of a holiday abroad will soar and no longer will we be able to enjoy the cheap (gimme a break that holidays are cheap now!) air travel we once did.

Once  again this is supposed to justify the money we send to Brussels every year in return for trinkets. Holidays weren’t exactly cheap to begin with and now they are going to cost more. Why should that bother you David? When have you ever used anything other than a private jet?

Also you can see the admiration and enthusiasm of the employees listening to Camerons speech! They all know he has screwed the working class to enrich the wealthy and they also know and are probably not appreciative of this latest scare tactic.

So the prediction from the remain elitists is doom and gloom for the average family if we were to leave the EU. As if that wasn’t already the case now.

So what are the benefits to leaving the EU?

Well the first and most obvious one would be the ability to spend the £19,000,000,000 we send every year to the EU on our own economy and interests. Considering only last week the NHS overspent their budget by over £2,000,000,000 (2 Billion Pounds) were we already out of the EU that amount wouldn’t have been an issue.

The second benefit would be the industries currently under the control of the EU would again be in our control. The fishing industry for example was a booming industry in the UK until the EU got involved and essentially offered British fishermen and women a lump sum to destroy their boats and get out of the industry. As a result, the majority of fish now belongs to Denmark who sell it back to us at the inflated EU price. This, in itself makes very little sense but the EU have chosen to do it like this because it cuts out the competition for less competent fisheries and the UK was a very big threat to that.

The same is true of the farming industry. Another once extremely profitable and strong industry in the UK is now second to France because the EU pays UK farmers (with our money of course just like the fishing industry) not to work as hard as they used to to keep the French on top. We could take back our once great farming traditions and return them to the productive and profitable industries we enjoyed approx 2 decades ago.

Those are just 2 industries that Britain excelled in but thanks to the EU and their method to cut competition we have been prohibited from providing competition thanks to their quota system.

The Steel industry is the next under threat from the EU and its up to us to make the right decision on June 23rd otherwise the United States of Europe will soon contain an empty shell of a country that was once the 5th largest economy in the world.

Another benefit is the ability to pick and choose who we trade with and this is one of the EUs failures.

Currently Brussels is in charge of who Britain trade with and in 30 years they have still not signed any deal with China or India and because of this we are blocked from trading with them and vice versa. Imagine if Britain struck a deal with both those countries. No doubt the cost of electronics and clothing would be reduced and no longer would we be subject to the endless red tape of bureaucracy. We would finally be able to choose our own trade partners and not wait for someone else to do it for us.

We would be able to control who comes to the country because right now we have absolutely no control over an open-borders agreement that says 500,000,000 (500 million) people are free to come to Britain at any time. That’s not to say they would but if they were to come we would have no power to stop it from happening. As you probably understand this can really put pressure on our already strained public services so once again we would have control over migration.

I won’t linger too long on the migration issue because the Remain side is using the accusation of racism because the leave side are using it as their main reason. However you cannot deny that more people in a country puts more pressure on economy and its ability to sustain so really, why would this not be a relevant argument?

Granted one disadvantage to leaving would be the conservative party and David Cameron would still be in power for the next 4 years but personally I would prefer 4 years of the wrong party with the option to remove them than be ruled by unelected, failed and unaccountable MEPs for the next 30 years (if the world lasts that long what with the EUs latest plans). Besides if brexit wins then its more likely we will see a vote of no confidence in current government from the people and David Cameron and the Conservative party would be forced to step down.

See that’s a democracy where we, the people have the choice to elect and remove those whom we pay to serve our interests and we risk all that on June 23rd if remain wins. No longer will a vote mean anything. No longer will you be able to remove anyone from power.

So to finish the question is not “Should we stay in the EU?”. The real question is “What is it right now and should we stay?” 

Make the right choice on June 23rd and above all try not to get sucked into the biased media. After all those are corporations with interest in the EU. It is not a good thing to remove all power from a country because once you do you are no longer a Sovereignty .





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