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Thats it – I quit! Screw the guru’s

Although this is a traffic blog about getting unlimited free traffic, I have been getting a LOT of questions from people across the net about how it is I manage with such limited traffic scores, to still quit my day job. I know people that have been at this for 10+ years that still can't retire from their nine to five jobs. So today at the request of many different people I have decided to make a post about making money online.... while building traffic.

I quit I quit

A lot of people look at the world of blogging and they see these massive blogs with hundreds of thousands of hits and they say to themselves “I can do that”, and so they start a blog.

They do research and everything tells them all they need to do is make social connections, and share the posts from the blog and eventually they will make money. A year or two later, they start realizing there must be more to it than that.

The truth is, there is a LOT more to it than that. They have a tiny piece of a puzzle and no one seems to be telling the truth about how it all works. Almost no one finds success just by making a blog and sharing it socially.

That worked in the 1990’s when blogging was the new next big thing and social was just beginning online, now everyone has a blog and no one cares about your opinions.

So how does one make money online seriously and how do they get the kind of traffic that results in sales? The answer, although not a simple one, is also not a hard one.

The truth is the answer is you need to OWN everything you do. Now your first thought may be “but I do own my blog” and that is true, but you don’t own EVERYTHING you do.

Great so you have a blog, but what else do you have?

The truth about traffic is you need to have it coming from everywhere to be successful….. or at least that’s what the Guru’s want you to believe… but its not entirely true, nor is it entirely not true. Its a half truth.

The truth is you need to stop doing what the guru’s say and instead start doing what the guru’s do.

So here’s what you do. You go out to the social networks you are most active on, and you start creating forums on the social networks about your topic of interest. Don’t just join other peoples pre-existing forums. START YOUR OWN.

Now you not only own a blog or two about topics that interest you, you also own groups on social networks about the topics also. But again it doesn’t end their. A lot of people don’t like social groups – so you can’t just stop there. You should also create some web forums off the social networks.

Almost every host gives you the ability to install free forums at the click of a button from inside cpanel but I personally love wordpress and I have found no better forums in my opinion than that which the Mingle Forums Plugin for wordpress provide.

Okay so if you are paying attention, now you should ahve a blog or two about topics that interest you, you should have a forum or two about those topics on the social networks you are active on, and you should have some public forums either via a wordpress site, or installed from a 3rd party script found in your cpanel. That means at the moment you have at least 3 places that you have total control of.

But it doesn’t end with just a blog and forums. Next create some sort of traffic site. For less experienced people there are a ton of options for you to create a traffic generating site.

You can start a text ad exchange for example by spending less than $20 (united states dollars). If you are not a big fan of text ad exchanges, you are certainly not limited in your options.

You could also opt to start a surf exchange traffic website by purchasing a traffic exchange script from ventrino. The cost of such a script is around $100 at the time of this writing but can run up to as much as $500 depending on what features you pick when purchasing.

If still neither of the above options seem fitting for you, you can purchase a safelist script so you can run your own safelist. There is really only one safelist script worthy of mention and that is the safelist pro x. script. This script is $200 for a single website license.

By owning these types of traffic building websites, you give yourself leverage to work with others in the marketing industry. So you own a traffic exchange? Now you can go to other traffic exchange owners and offer them free upgrades in exchange for them promoting your site. You use these traffic sites to direct people back to your primary sites.

Because you are focusing on building partnerships you spend a lot less time building traffic, and with a couple months (not years) you are getting a truly endless flow of customers. The reason is as more and more people signup for your traffic sites, they want commissions and recommend even more people. All the while your only care is that you have people to show your primary business, website, or blog to.

The point I am trying to make is that there are a few rules to being so successful that you can quit your day job.

  1. You must be passionate about what you do or you will not invest the time needed to be successful and will get burnt out fast
  2. You must own the sites that bring you in traffic. Using 3rd party sites will take up all your time, and you will have no leverage for building partnerships
  3. You must build partnerships! You cannot succeed alone in this industry any longer. Trust me if you could, not one of you would know my name… as thats the way it was until the later half of the 2000’s
  4. You don’t need a lot of traffic on one site when you have little bits of traffic coming from a multitude of sites

Look around you. Pick whoever you consider a guru and check this out for yourself. You will find they own multitudes of various traffic generating sites for each business they own. Some people own 3 and 4 of ALL of these sites: blogs, safelists, traffic exchanges, text ad exchanges, and forums. Some of them even start their own social networks which is also easy to do with the correct wordpress plugins (outside the scope of this post).

The point I am trying to make is that the guru’s are not telling you they do this. Rather they are saying “join me at this site, join me at that site, join me over here, all the while you don’t know their real intent for doing so is the partnerships they made – boost their traffic sites and that is why they want you to join them… to fulfill their end of a partnership. In the end they want you back on their sites so they can tell you about whatever they promote that makes them real money.

No guru tells you this, because if they do you stop joining all the sites of their partners and instead start making your own partnerships. They begin to lose money. This is the game we call internet marketing. Now what are you going to do with this knowledge?

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Jay is a professional author of Search Engine, Marketing and Social networking news and also the owner of The Downliner. He has over 12 years of experience with affiliate marketing and Internet business promotions.

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