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Teambuilds: Beneficial or a Hindrance?

team building

Teambuilds are everywhere but do you know how they actually work?

The age-old saying goes “There is no ‘I’ in team” however this is how the majority of them work and all you end up doing is building your team leaders downline without actually benefiting yourself.

In this case a team build becomes a complete waste of time on your part and it is in your best interests not to take part and instead work toward your own goals.

But how can you tell the difference between a real team build and a fabricated one designed to further the goals of one or more people?

The answer can usually be found in the actual opportunities that team leader is trying to get you to join. If they are promoting a straight line 1 level system then unless they are using a custom built site that distributes referrals accordingly then direct promotion for the person at the top is only going to benefit the person at the top.

Let’s take a well known and pretty much required tool every marketer needs to get ahead in network marketing: The Autoresponder.

Every Autoresponder aside from TrafficWave has a simple referral system and will not really have any benefit in a team build unless the signup is directed to a team members link. Ask yourself this: When I joined the team build what link did I use to join and how does the referral system work for this program?

If the Autoresponder used is TrafficWave then you have nothing to worry about there as the system uses a spilldown system where your Level 1 can only have 3 members. If you get 4 members under your TrafficWave link then 1 of those 4 will go to 1 member in your level 1 thus making the team build concept possible and beneficial to all who join.

Be very careful when joining a team build unless you can speak to a member (not the leader) who can tell you that they have experienced real results or better yet you have a friend in one of these team builds who can tell you exactly what to expect.

Of course there are many Team Builds out there that really are designed to help those who find it hard to market and it can certainly be a huge advantage to the many marketers who have not set up a fail-safe method to marketing.

Unlimited-Free-Traffic runs its own team build called Team QuickClicker but unlike a lot of sites where you are required to put your complete faith into the owner to apportion referrals accordingly the system allows you to promote your own link and generate your own referrals whilst benefiting from the spilldown model.



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