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Submit Eaze – automatic directory submission software

I have used countless submission tools over the years and each one seems to work a little different. I am not sure there can ever truly be a best tool, however some tools seem to have options that leave me believing they are a cut above the rest and Submit Eaze Directory Submission Software is one such tool. Submit Eaze Directory Submission Software is actually a duel purpose submission software that will allow you to submit articles to article directories, and links with descriptions to link directories. The link directory submission process is set up in a very easy to use manner. It categorizes link directories into very useful categories. Some of those categories are free link directories, paid link directories, adult link directories, reciprocal link directories, as well as niche specific directories.

Submit Ease Submit Ease

Link Directory Submission

What really stands out to me about Submit Eaze Directory Submission Software is that unlike most submission tools, Submit Eaze is a completely dynamic submission tool. This means if you find old and out of date directories in the list, you can remove them. This also means as you find more directories to submit your links to, you can add them to the directory submission software. This can help you monitor what sites are linking to you, what the page rank is for the link directory, as well as use the directory for future submissions and other projects.

Its the dynamic aspects that make this truly worth its weight as a submission tool. You will find other tools over time, become frustrating because link directories stop accepting new links, close down, or change the submission process. When this happens usually the only thing you can do is wait for a software update. This becomes a huge burden. Whats even worse is many of these software creators stop maintaining the software. When that happens basically you are stuck with a useless tool.

This will never happen with Submit Eaze. As long as you have the ability to add and remove link directories, this tool will always remain useful, even on the off change it stopped being maintained.

To get a true understanding of how to use Submit Eaze to submit links to link directories, I have included a video below that walks you through the process. Using link directory submission software is one of the best ways to get unlimited free traffic.

Article Directory Submission

Article marketing has become one of the key link building methods for many SEO professionals. The problem is that manually submitting to directories takes countless hours to do and most tools that help you automate it, only submit your article to the top 10 to 25 directories.

Submit Eaze Directory Submission Software again stands a cut above other tools when it comes to article submission software. First of all it is loaded with many hundreds of article directories. This means when you submit your articles, you are not limited to only the best directories. Instead you have hundreds of directories to submit to, which means even more links to your sites.

Not only does Submit Eaze Directory Submission Software help to automate the article submission process but it also streamlines the signup process and verification process for each of the article directories.

The video below shows the complete tutorial on how article directory signup, verification, and article submission works with Submit Eaze Directory Submission Software.

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