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Social branding is something that is really important to any business, website owner, or blogger. It is also something is relatively easy to do, but vastly evades most of the marketing world. It is also the most powerful form of obtaining unlimited free traffic. To understand what social branding yourself or your company really means, first you have to understand what a brand is. A brand is a business name, personal name, picture, logo, or image that you associate with a particular product, service, or topic.

Pepsi's branded logo Pepsi's branded logo

what is social branding?

You’ll notice the image used today is that of a logo. Instantly upon looking at it, you know that is the pepsi logo. I don’t have to tell you it is pepsi. I don’t have to tell you they make a cola based soda. This is all part of their brand. Instantly upon seeing the logo you know its pepsi and you associate that with soda.

The goal of any quality marketing strategy is to brand ones product, logo or self. No one has ever made that easier than social media, and it is a large reason for the sudden success of so many new internet start-ups.

Social branding is about using a mixture of tactics to become a brand in peoples minds. Think about the people in your life, their jobs, are branded in your head in association with your friend. If you have a friend who is a painter and you need your house painted, most likely you are going to call your friend, why because you know them and you know their expertise first hand. If you have a friend who is the computer guy who everyone calls with computer problems, he has branded himself in your head.

That’s what you want to achieve with social branding. You want to be the go to guy for a specific topic among the people you know. This means you can’t join a social network, mass connect with people, and then post them link after link of your own content and information about your own business.

Social branding is all about social connectons

What you need to do is connect with small amounts of people at a time. Interact with them. Post comments on what they say. Give opinions and make your self real and known to them. At the same time you need to post tons and tons of useful information, news, and articles about the topics you want yourself branded with.

I want to stress here two things, interacting is far more important than connecting with people as well as more important than what you post. This is how you become a personality to people. When you frequently comment on what they see, they start to take notice of what you say. If this doesn’t happen, will find what many companies have found with social branding, it doesn’t work.

The other thing I want to stress is that the content you do post, needs to be overwhelming about the topic you want to be branded as. For example I use a news feeder and post news about Google, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bing and yahoo everyday. I also post tons of blog posts I find all over the internet about marketing. With those blog posts I mix my own content. I specifically tell people what my content is.

Target your social content for social branding

Most of my contacts will tell you I am the marketing guy to go to. I have effectively been branding myself as a marketing expert to them. This is why they come to my blog, this is what they read what I say, and this is why they trust me. All the while I interact with them and comment on their posts.

Now I want to make it clear there is not a niche in the world social branding doesn’t work with. The biggest problem is where do you get an endless stream of related information to use in your social branding efforts. Before I get into where to get endless information and content to help you brand yourself, first I want to discuss first impressions.

Your social profile is your first impression

A persons profile is the first impression and the major deciding factor on whether to friend, circle, or follow someone. You need to ensure your profile is filled out in the most complete way as possible. Tell people a clear message of what you talk about in your stream. Also make sure you include a clear photo of yourself. People associate best with a unique face (or image in the case of a corporation/logo). A picture is massively important. The more information you leave in your profile, the better chances of new connections and overall social branding.

Okay so back to the endless flow of targeted content. This is where a lot of people fail. You need you content to be highly targeted to what you are branding yourself for. I have found that this is actually very easy to do, and whats even better is the method I use, also brings me a ton of unlimited free traffic in the process.

What is StumbleUpon

The method I use is a service called stumbeupon. Stumbleupon is a very unique social bookmarking service that helps you easily discover new and interesting stuff on the internet. The way it works is simple. You tell stumbleupon what you like, and they introduce you to amazing web pages, videos, photos and more that you wouldn’t have found on your own. This is done by selecting categories you want to “stumble” and then voting thumbs up or thumbs down on the content you find.

The more recommendations you make, the better stumbleupon learns your interests and shows you more of what’s best for you. They also show you web pages based on feedback as well as what similar Stumblers and the people you follow have Liked or Disliked.

You also have the ability to add your finds from the internet, and this includes your own pages. When you submit your pages you are giving them a thumbs up while adding them to the system. Then as you connect with more people they will thumb up your page, and eventual your pages and posts get in the general rotation. This brings tons more traffic to your site.

StumbleUpon for Social Branding content

What I do is I use the stumbleupon surf bar to find new content, and share that on social networks. This keeps my social network stream filled with fresh unique content which helps me with social branding, while at the same time keeping me active on stumbleupon which drives even more traffic to my websites.

With stumbleupon there is not topic or interest they don’t cover. Whether you’re interested in Humor, Photography, Fashion or Sports, they have something for you.

I strongly recommend using this method for a TON of unlimited free traffic. It only takes joining and trying it out to understand what I mean. This method has never failed me with social branding and I have always had an endless supply of great unique content to offer people mixed with my own content.

To connect with me on stumbleupon after signing up click on the link below.

connect with me on stumbleupon

connect with me on stumbleupon


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