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So why do you keep failing?

Don't take it personal because everyone is failing. The question is why. Well let's start by stripping internet marketing to its core. The program you are currently promoting. Why did you choose this and why are you now trying to get others to join you? The simple answer is that you want to make money but money is not the primary concern in marketing. Like any business your primary concern should be your customers as they are the commodity that is going to make you the income you want but you cannot treat them like they are just another affiliate in your program.

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You need to personalize your approach and you do this through interaction. This is the reason the majority are failing to ever make anything online.

Let us revert back to the time you decided that making money online was for you. No doubt it started by either seeing an advertisement or you actually had a chat with someone and they convinced you this was the answer.

After you joined the program you were probably told the way to do it is to contact strangers and try and sell them your offer but after a few days or weeks you decided this was getting you nowhere and went looking for easier options.

And those supposedly easier options came in the form of Autoposters, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and PTCs. Now you may not realize it but you have fallen into the first trap of affiliate marketing and that is trying to automate everything. The main problem with automation is you are no longer interacting with the potential affiliate and if they ask a question how are you going to answer it if you are not at your computer?

Now, I’m not saying you need to spend 24 hours a day fixed to your computer but you do need to offer this type of assistance otherwise the interested party who wanted to know about your opportunity is going to skip you and join under someone who actually interacts.

So the first hurdle the majority of marketers fall on is Interaction

As you can probably appreciate, this is a massive subject and there is no way I am going to be able to surmise the failures and remedies to internet marketing in one post so I will leave this post on interaction. The next post will be how to encourage that interaction.

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