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Seriously Badges and Trinkets on Traffic Exchanges?


When I first started marketing back in 2007 the process was so simple that even my 78 year old grandmother could grasp the concept and even make money but today something terrible has happened and I just want to ask: Have we completely destroyed internet marketing as we once knew it?

Back in the early 2000’s the process went like this:

I will look at your site if you look at mine.

This is what was known as an ‘exchange of traffic’ hence the name Traffic Exchange but today the process goes like this:

I’ll show you mine if I eventually get to see yours

And why has this happened? Because Traffic Exchanges have become a joke with the goal of acquiring credits changed to the goal of surfing for Badges and Trinkets with very little value compared to the attention you used to get from showing just sites. Now people are just surfing for fun and as a result they are paying even less attention to what you have to show them.

Below are an example of just how backwards we have become

traffic exchange badges

traffic exchange badges

Points and badges that equate to pennies are now the main surfers goal and the saddest thing is these people actually believe it is making a difference in their lives. The only difference it is making is that your life is getting shorter whilst you do what you do for less than workers in the 19th Century were making each day!

I had a few discussions with the top earners (hilarious) in the program that started the process of destruction (CTP) and the answers were honestly not what I was expecting to hear. One Top 5 earner explained that despite spending every single day surfing for these practically worthless graphics they were still barely breaking even when it came to pay day meaning they had enough to continue as an upgraded member but very little after that.

If you read my earlier post From Zero to over $100 per month using 3 programs you’ll see that by spending less than $25 a month it is indeed possible to make over $100 then you’ll probably question why people even do the Badge surfing in the first place.

The reason may shock you and the process in which they do this may shock you even more because some marketers have their kids surfing all day for them. Not the best level of education in my personal opinion. No longer are the marketers children enjoying themselves outside but rather it is the other way around. That in itself is wrong.

So given that CTP has hundreds of thousands of members how come the ‘Top earners are making next to nothing for their work?’. The system was designed to fool people into thinking they were actually building something of substance whilst the big money ops were left generally untouched. Think of it as a roadblock that most people are going to spend the rest of their online lives trying to remove all the while thinking they are making a difference in their lives.

Traffic Exchanges used to be about Exchanging Traffic but unfortunately it has become a tool of the clueless marketer and as a result it has basically destroyed the entire concept of a community who share ideas in return a chance at attaining real recognition and a lasting downline.

If you used a Traffic Exchange to promote an opportunity 3 years ago chances are if you were still promoting that same opportunity today you would already be experiencing the massive drop in conversion rates and at this pace the Traffic Exchange we once knew is just going to become a site filled with mindless surfers looking for quest items in order to make $0.03 or if their lucky a dollar from time to time but it will never make you rich.



I made a reference to early 19th Century workers and some questioned how this was similar. In this time workers were paid pennies to search for old buttons in soil and although the location and the conditions have changed the process is still the same. Searching through Soil (Traffic Exchanges) for old buttons (Badges). Now do you see the similarities?


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