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If you have known me for any length of time, you will likely realize I don't do video anything. I am just not with video promotions. I don't like my face on camera and therefore I have always stayed away from video and never learned the art of video SEO. Its sad but it is the truth. Well lately I have been reconsidering this position. I have learned of tools that make creating videos very easy without my face having to appear in the video. So i went out in search of learning.

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It just so happens I came across an ebook on the topic. If you remember my last review of an ebook called The webmaster marketing ebook, then you know I said I am very picky about ebooks because there is so much garbage PLR. Well the ebook I learned of is an ebook written by a friend of mine on google+ and linkedin named Chad Flick. So I contacted Chad about the book which is titled Video And Link SEO.

As it turns out he did write Video And Link SEO and not only did he write it, its is a brand new ebook. I verified there is no PLR or MRR offer that comes with the book, and then I purchased a copy. To say I was impressed was an understatement. I can’t exactly quote for you whats in the book, but I can give you some information you won’t likely find elsewhere because I have a copy of it and I have read it.

First of all chapter 1 of SEO for video is some basic background information on why video marketing is important. It gives you statistics about page views of video and basically just general background information.

Capter 2 of Video And Link SEO talks about selecting a product and getting the videos to promote that product. If the video’s are not offered in the affiliate tools area, there is a nice tool that will get the video for you that is recommended. It also gives you another ebook at no cost that will walk you through ways to easily create video’s for you if there are absolutely no video’s to sell the product.

It just gets better and better from there. Chapter 3 of Video And Link SEO is about selecting keywords and phrases including tools and methods to go about selecting what will rank best. Chapter 4 talks about Optimizing your links and video for the best possible performance as well as youtube “tags”.

Chapter 5 is all about interlinking your videos and chapter 6 is about getting your video’s ranked quickly. It goes into great detail about where to set up your links and how to get them the exact type of rankings and traffic you are looking for. This is the most important of the chapters in my opinion.

The final chapter, chapter 7 is just a sum up of everything you learned and suggested ways you can use the information for profit.

I’ll be totally honest here now. I have bought a lot of ebooks in my life. I think as far as ebooks go, the layout and formatting of this ebook is something to be desired. There are not a lot of visuals and the chapter layout is not the greatest I have seen. HOWEVER the information on video marketing is whats important and its clear that Chad knows exactly what he is doing.

If SEO for video is what you are looking for, check this guide out. Its very awesome, very straight forward, and can have you ranking in video’s in no time flat. This much I am 100% sure of because I know Chad and he doesn’t put out garbage information. Its just not his way.

I hope you will consider checking out Video And Link SEO. I found it to be a great resource and I am sure you will to.

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