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It goes by many different names - auto marketing, perpetual marketing, or as I like to call it self propelled marketing. I call it self propelled marketing because to properly use any sort of "automated marketing" you actually have to initially put a lot of effort into it. The more effort you put into it the long your campaign will self propel. This method of marketing is based off the very same concepts as a multi-level marketing system, only they are free to implement so they are very effective. Now before I explain what self marketing is, let me explain where self marketing works best.

automated marketing self propelled marketing

You know all those credit based systems you passed up marketing on? All the ones you claimed didn’t work? Well despite my best efforts of explaining otherwise still the majority tell me I am wrong and credit based marketing is untargeted and doesn’t convert well. That is why I am explaining self propelled marketing, because these systems do work, and they don’t take a lot of time after you get things going.

When I say credit based systems I am referring to the surf exchanges, the text ad exchanges, and the safelists. Most of these sites are self propelled marketing methods if you know how to use them. This means they take a lot of time when you start using them, and then less time the longer you use them.

The idea of self propelled marketing is making it so you have a never ending supply of credits without having to click on other people ads, read other peoples emails, or surf other people sites.

What makes this self propelled marketing system work is that these sites reward you whenever you refer someone new. And a LOT of these sites also do this many levels deep. So you earn credits referring new members, and you get credits when those members refer new members.

Now some systems are set up so you can only get credits when you refer, and others are set up so you get credits for your referrals activity. This is especially common in text ad exchanges and safelists.

So the idea is, rather than promoting your own website, you make a list of traffic exchanges, along with a howto guide. You teach others about self propelled marketing and give them your list of sites to signup with.

They signup, and they do the same thing, thus earning you credits in a list of sites all at the same time, while also giving you the potential to earn more people from your referrals.

In the beginning you do have to put a lot of effort into this method. But after you have a few hundred people under you because they have done what you said, you will see a few of them begin to actually try the method themselves (trust me a lot of people just take your list and signup at all the exchanges which is also fine). The more people you get spreading the self propelled marketing method that are signed up under you, the more credits you will earn without having to do the work for the ads.

Using this method can build you a LOT of credits in a LOT of systems, especially if you set up your accounts on each of the exchanges properly.

First of all you want to ensure you set up banners and text links and assign them credits. This goes for safelists, text ad exchanges AND surf exchanges. Don’t forget this part as a lot of great traffic comes in this way.

Next you REALLY want to look for a downline builder on the exchange. A LOT of exchanges have downline builders. Downline builders further your self propelled marketing. A downline builder is a list of programs you signup for, and then fill in your referral id into a form. Then whenever you refer someone, and they fill out the downline builder they are signing up under you – so you get even more credits on other marketing systems.

If you want to give self propelled marketing a try you are free to copy this article and use it in your own marketing efforts. Also if you need a list of exchanges to help get you started, Check out my List of ad exchanges linked below. If you join any 10 exchanges under me, and contact me with your referral id, I will send you your own copy of my list that you can edit and reuse.

List of ad exchanges

Also my list is always growing. At the time of this writing there are only 43 sites on the list, but I literally have hundreds I am a member of and intend to add.

Each site on the list include all the marketing materials you need for the site in question, and tells what the main not text based features of each site are. They are only text ad exchanges and safelists at this time but I will be getting to my list of surf exchanges as time goes on also.

List of ad exchanges

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