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Safelists Part 2

So in Part 1 we explained how it's not always beneficial to your mailbox nor yourself to join every single safelist because you will just not be able to handle them all at once. Now we are going to show you a handy tool you can use to shorten the time you click for credits. The normal procedure is to click the message in your email inbox then read the message and click the credit link to earn but here's a way to cut straight to the credit link without even opening your email.

Organize your Safelists

Using the preferred method would have you viewing maybe 50 to 100 emails an hour if you are fast but how would you like to view 50 emails in less than 5 minutes?

Clickearner has been a godsend when it comes to mailing every day but there has been some controversy about it. Some say that as it’s clicking your earning links for you it waters down the amount of exposure you are giving to reading members have sent.

Others say that it works just like a multi-tabbed traffic exchange method and this is bad for business but personally the way i see it, this program will not automatically earn you the credit unless you complete a capture (as with all LFMVM mailers) so you still have to see the site being promoted in order to gain credit for it.

All this system does is take away the need to click every individual message in your email then click the earn link which in my opinion is the most time-consuming.

You can try it for yourself risk-free for 7 days and make your own decisions but for $6 a month it’s hard to ignore how much easier it makes your life.

One thing to note is that when you set up your email account it’s best practice to use a gmail account and enable IMAP access but everything is explained in an informative video on the Clickearner site.

I would like to hear some opinions on this so please comment below.


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3 Comments on Safelists Part 2

  1. Hello, and thanks for your article. I agree that Clickearner can save time providing you have a fast internet connection and and a relatively fast computer.

    I am still using Win XP on an older computer, and while it still works really well, I do believe it is limiting my ability to work as fast as I could if I had the faster connection and a newer system.

    You are correct to say that Clickearner has all the information you need to setup your gmail properly. The problem I am seeing lately is how Clickearner is handling the solo emails that are being sent. Often times they are placed into an unspecified folder so it is hard to see what is in that folder. In just a few days that could amount to thousands of emails.

    It would seem like the solo networks have created a monster of sorts. Maybe it is not those networks at fault but maybe Google instead?

    As an example, I receive many solo emails from Top Apex Viral Solo Network and appears as [-TAVSN-] in my inbox. While I have most of those emails in a separate folder in my gmail account according to the mailer some of those are ending up in that ‘unspecified folder’. Now, that is happening more with mails I am forwarding to Clickearner and not so much with the Fetch feature.

    The last observation I wish to make about Clickearner is the dissociation with the emails being sent. Unless you pay attention to those Ad Title Subject Lines on the page where the URLs are extracted, you have no interaction with the email at all. So, if you are interested in earning the credit then that is OK. You will not understand the email copy that brought you to the ad in the first place. Remember, we need to know how to get folks to click our join link. While the Ad Title draws most of that attention, you still need relevant content in the email body for those who desire to learn more details. Unless you scroll down the URL Extract page at Clickearner, you will not see most of the Ad Titles that appear.

    I like Clickearner for the ability to earn credits, even while using my slow system. Especially, for those Safelists that keep track of the seconds you remain on the ad page without having to lick an image. With those you can really fly through the inbox. However, I am not seeing the response from my mailing to those types of sites as I would hope to receive.

    Clickearner is a good tool for you to gain those important credits. Just remember that you want people to interact with your emails, and that is not being accomplished when your viewers are using this type of tool.

    AdminJay, thanks for allowing me to comment on this subject.

  2. Great comment John however you probably already know this but Clickearner is not as widely used as people think. The reason being because it’s competition MSLB did much more to emphasize the affiliate side and so whilst many pay for that one they pay for it on a pay-to-play basis whereas ClickEarner never really put any effort into letting people know they exist. Of course they have the affiliate earnings but if you were going to sell a product rather than use it what would you choose. Like everyone else you would pay for the one that costs more because you would receive the difference in commissions.

    Try surfing a few traffic exchanges or opening a few hundred safelist emails and you will see that ClickEarner, whilst being much more user-friendly in my opinion does not broadcast itself so there are still many, many people who still use safelists the original way because they simply don’t know it exists.

    Use that to your advantage. If you are promoting ClickEarner to a safelist I would think the sales pitch before viewing would be pretty much irrelevant.

    If people see value in a product or see they can earn from it then they will want it and thats how you get your referrals 🙂

  3. Hello,
    ClcikEarner is a great tool to have. I have used it and do recommend it to others.

    However support from their company is almost non-existent. ( I am still waiting on a response from emails I sent to them months ago) But overall it is a good piece of software and worth the small $6 investment. Safelist marketing can be time consuming, as a result any tool that can decrease that time by a huge margin gets my vote.

    Some marketers in the safelists marketing arena have issues with programs like Clickearner because of the automation. However as you stated you do have to solve captcha; therefore I do not see it is cheating.

    I believe that if your page is interesting enough the user will take action on your page. But too many safelists marketers are trying to sell directly rather than using squeeze pages to build their lists. Safelists are best for list building. I continue growing my list from free safelist traffic even in the ones that John Dull pointed out as less responsive; but like he stated the clickthrough and conversion rate is certainly less.

    But we must track, track, track!!! Then tweek, tweek, tweek!!!

    Thanks for a great article.

    All the best,

    Phil .

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