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Safelists are a real pain

It's true. Safelists are so many and if you ever spent the time to join a few you'll know how many credit messages you are receiving every single day. I left my safelist email unchecked for 3 months and when I came back I had over 1.8 million unread messages!

Not a good idea to leave your emails for that long but realistically how many of you will be clicking that many emails for credits? Safelists are a great source of free traffic but they can easily take over your life.

I am going to show you a tool that will organize your safelists and allow you to send to over 80.000 people in less than 15 minues. Read on.

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 First rule to taking back your life with Safelists is not to join every single one. The chances are a majority of Safelists have the same following so multiple messages with the same subject is not really going to increase your chances. The means just don’t justify the ends.

In reality, if you want maximum exposure with minimum effort, you want to join a small number (say 50 or so) then increase as you feel you can handle them.

Thankfully the organization and even total mailing system is available to you in the form of Referral Frenzy. This program currently has 62 mailers listed and all come with some bonus signup credits so you can start mailing from the day you join.

Some mailers in Referral Frenzy have a read requirement and what this means is that in order to send a message you need to view some first. You can do this by logging into the mailer directly from the Referral Frenzy dashboard and open Unread Messages. It’s usually between 5 and 10 emails in the requirement.

More Safelists are being added regularly so this will help you increase your mailing power at a time that suits you.

Every month as a bonus you are awarded credits in your mailers whether you are upgraded in them or not and the can really shorten your email clicking time.

In the next post I am going to show you how you can earn those credits with ease…


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