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I received a comment from Klaus Biesel on Google+ Saturday where he said he believed safelists to be a waste of time. He pointed me at something he had wrote on the subject titled Listbuilding with a Safe list. In his article he has made the claim that free marketing with safelists is a waste of time. It is his belief that only upgraded members benefit from safelists. He based this claim off the four safelists he has tried thus far - Dragon Safelist European Safelist Safelist Extrem AdTroopers.

safelist marketing safelist marketing

First of all, because his experience with safelists is so limited, I will say he is just wrong. The truth is that if a safelist doesn’t perform well for you as a free member, you should not upgrade to a paid membership. The truth is if you do, you will get the same results you get from being a free member.

I would challenge Klaus instead to try out some of my recommendations before giving up on safelists.

What is a safelist?

As Klaus explains in his post

You opt in (sign up) and you will receive Mails from other members. For reading those you will get credits. Then you can use them to send your own mails out. That’s a way of Listbuilding.

Credit based safelists are simply the best.

They are called safe list, because everybody who is a member had agreed, to receive mails. That’s why sending E-mails is not spam.

This is exactly what a safelist is, and the truth is, just like with traffic exchanges, not all safelists perform the same. How well a safelist performs, is heavily dependent on two things, how well the person running the safelist manages things and interacts with his customers, and it depends on the members of the safelist. I use hundreds of safelists and I can say without a doubt they work and they work well, if you are using the right safelist.

I will suggest to Klaus, and anyone else reading, try the following safelists before deciding how well safelists perform.

Safelist Suggestions

  1. Listjoe
  2. Adchiever

The thing you have to keep in mind when safelist marketing is that a safelist isn’t any different than any other type of marketing, you have to test your results and see what performs well and what doesn’t. A large part of your safelist performance has to do with the safelist you choose to use. This is why I am such a big supporter of the safelist genie. It allows you to market on nearly 100 safelists without worrying about which ones perform well and which ones don’t.

Emails for safelists

After you figure out what safelists perform well, you need to fine tune your email marketing skills. You have to really focus on both the subject and the body of your emails. If you don’t have a good subject, people will skip over your emails in favor of others. There are thousands of emails being sent out from safelists and it only takes a one hundred or less emails to gain enough credits to be able to send a mail for ones self.

Email subject

I have found when it comes to safelist marketing, the best thing you can do is ask a question in the subject of your email. Not just any question but actually a question that will make the person receiving the email want to either know the answer, or know what you say the answer is. A couple example questions I have used are Are you looking for a new way, perhaps something different and unique? and Would you rather join another program or learn how to market?.

Email Body

Also you want an email that actually entices the user to find out more information. Telling a user you are giving them information, a free download, or otherwise teach them something is always a good way to get them to click the link in your email. Even more important, you want to almost answer the question from your subject line, but only enough that they have to click the link to find the rest of the answer.

Using these simple methods should get you emails read a lot more frequently. The last thing I want to tell you about the body of your safelsit emails is that you want to keep them brief but not to brief. Write 3 sentences and break them up with new lines.

Example Safelist Email
So an example email would
be typed up in such a manner
as I am showing here.Then you would need a second
sentence written like this
because people tend to only
read what looks easy on the
eyes.Finally a ending sentence
which will be followed up with
your link.

Safelist genie

I have learned that figuring out what safelists perform well and what ones don’t is a big waste of my time. As I said above, this is why I am such a big supporter of the safelist genie software. I discussed a big in my safelist genie review but I want to again stress how much of a time save safelist genie really can be and why I believe it is one of the most useful safelist marketing applications ever released.

Safelist genie allows you to surf and build credits on a vast number of safelists all at the same time. Also the software is regularly updated with new safelists, which means very highly active members. Safelist genie makes it effortless to build credits on tons of safelists at the same time, which means you don’t have to do all the tracking to see what safelists perform well and which one’s don’t.

Safelist Genie Safelist

Active Safelist
Ad Jockeys
Ad Pirate
Ad Solution Line
Ad Tactics
Ad Troopers
Advertise Free For Life
Build My Downlines
Crocs Hideaway
Downline Builder Direct
Dragon Safelist
Dynamite Safelist
Easy Profit List
Effective Safelist
Elite Safelist
EMarket Safelist
Equus Safelist
European Safelist
Extreme Safelist
Fast Track Traffic
Free Safelist Mailer
FreeBee Safelist
Global Safelist
Golden Op Safelist
Got Safelist
High Traffic Mart
Instant Profit List
List Adventure
List And Chat
List Effects
List Insomnia
List Joe
List Jumper
List Million
List Quik
List Shock
List Speedster
List Volta
List Zillion
ListBuilding Maximizer
Mailer Safelist
Mailing @ Home
Marketer Safelist
Mass Impact Marketing
Mega Profit List
Micro Power List
Midnight Sun Safelist
Miracle List
Money Maker Safelist
My List Frog
My Safelist Mailer
My Safelist Pays
Newage Marketing
Nitro List
Pif 43
Power List Builders
Power List Marketing
Power Profit List
Premier List Builder
Quality Safelist
Quick List Profits
Reactive Adz
Safelist Blazer
Safelist Extreme
Safelist Geek
Safelist Pro
Smart Safelist
Speedway Safelist
Super Safe Mailer
Supra List
Supreme List
Surething Safelist Too
Target Safelist
The Internet Ad Store
The Lead Magnet
The List Auction
The MailBag Safelist
The Traffic Secret
Traffic Annihilator
Traffic Eruption
Traffic Pro List
Traffic Supremacy
Turbo Traffic Hits
Ultimate List Generator
Ultimate Safelist
Viral Ad Store
Viral Nugget
Viral Traffic Outbreak
Vital Ad Views
Your Huge List
Your Safelist

The honest truth is I have recommended the safelist genie software to hundreds of people. Never once has anyone come back saying the software didn’t work and didn’t help them get leads, customers, and unlimited free traffic. Try the two week trial and take the time required to set it up and fully use it as much as possible. You will find TONS of free advertising that way as well as a good source of free traffic. If at the end of your trial you don’t think its worth it, stop using it – or upgrade to continue the great level of traffic it brings.

Order Safelist Genie

safelist genie

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