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Safelist Genie Review

I have been a pro member of safelist genie since the day it was released. Safelist genie is a safelist marketing management tool that is unsurpassed by any other tool. As with all marketing tools I recommend this tool is completely white hat.

What is a safelist?

A safelist is a type of email membership website that is used by marketers to swap marketing emails with each other. It works on a point based system. Every email you read, you earn points for reading and every email you send costs you a given number of points. The more points you have the more people receive your email. Most of these memberships have both free and paid member levels, making them great traffic sources for new marketers.

Do safelists really work?

Now it may seem like these types of websites wouldn’t be likely to work, after all its just a bunch of marketers trying to sell each other stuff right?

Well the truth the more people that receive your email, the more likely someone is to be interested in your offer. So rather than trying to directly sell to people, instead you want to try to get them on your mailing list, where you can then try to sell them again and again. If you are not the type who wants to maintain a mailing list, you can also use safelists to get more subscribers to your blog.

How does the Safelist Genie help me?

The safelist genie is basically an advanced email client designed specifically to help safelist marketers maintain credits on safelists. It does this by allowing you to earn credits in 6 different tabs at a time. It also allows you to open the credit link before you read your email.

On top of this it allows you to semi-automated the safelist signup process and has over one hundred safelists preloaded. It monitors mailing frequency and allows to you send your mailings to multiple safelists with ease. I have embedded a video below that shows and explains all the benefits of using this safelist monitoring tool below.


Is Safelist Genie Free?

Safelist Genie is one of the best tools created for unlimited free traffic and there is a two week trial of the software when you first download it, however the tool is not free. Although this tool is intended for use with free traffic membership sites, the tool brings so many subscriptions that it is absolutely worth its cost. It increased the productivity of safelist marketing by over 500% while at the same time reduces the amount of time spent on this type of marketing.

This is one of my top recommended software applications and I would high recommend it to everyone and anyone know matter what there level of experience. This software absolutely delivers unlimited free traffic.

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