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Some of my posts lately have been talking a bit about all the recent changes in search engines and the new ways Google and Bing are trying to do things. In my post SEO the way Google and Bing want it, I talked about how the importance of using onsite SEO, and how Google is shifting away from ranking everything on back links and instead focusing more about whats actually on your pages. Then I followed up that post with Google vs Facebook the untold truths. In the Google vs Facebook post I talked about how Google is shifting the search engine into a social search engine and how the importance of being social with Google is going to

very important for businesses in the future. The truth however is that as much as search engines are shifting there is a lot that won’t ever change.

Building links to your website, monitoring your search rankings, and monitoring your keywords is always going to be very important to ranking a website. Now a lot of people will tell you that the only important links are one coming from websites that are similar in topic and content. The belief is that Google will rank you better because it seems only natural for targeted links to come from related sites, however this is not only untrue, its not very logical either.

Thinking in logical terms we know that offline, many of businesses that have nothing to do with each other, advertise other businesses. Its a very common practice for local businesses to recommend other local businesses even though they have nothing in common except being local to each other. The services they offer often times have nothing at all to do with the businesses they recommend. In an online world, this would mean the content they offer has nothing to do with other sites they link to.

Now because Google is shifting to be more social search experience, and because the whole world has shifted to using internet social networks, its very likely you are going to make connections with other business owners and website owners who have websites that have nothing to do with yours. You are also going to find customers with personal websites that have nothing to do with your website. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t link to and get links from these people.

If Internet marketing worked the way most people think, you should refuse to link to anyone not relating to your topic, and you shouldn’t have people link to you that don’t have a website related to the topic you are discussing. Luckily however, things don’t work the way most people believe.

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Linking to unrelated content, absolutely helps Google in ranking links and doesn’t hurt anyone as long as you are doing things correctly. This is one of the main reasons for Google recognizing relationship link tagging. Relationship link tagging is the process of making your links social by tagging your links with specific tags.

Relationship tagging works by using the html attribute rel="" in your html code. If you are using wordpress every link you create gives you the option of adding relationship tagging by default. Just look to the menu below the where you add your links.

The most common relationship tag is the friendship tag. The friendship tag has 3 choices – friend, contact, and acquaintance. This tells google the relationship between yourself and the owner of the site you are linking to. Aside from friendship tagging, you can use two other alternatives to the relationship tagging. You can use family tagging which has the options of child, parent, sibling, spouse, or kin. The last type of relationship tagging you can do is self relationship with is done with a simple option of me. The last tag is to tell google the site you are linking to is another site owned by you.

Below I have included a couple examples of how to relationship tag your links.

<a rel="parent" title="pet waste removal service" href="">Spot and Fido pet waste removal service&#60/a>
<a rel="friend" title="parenting is crazy" href="">Insanity is genetic</a>
<a rel="me" title="unlimited free traffic" href="">Free Internet Traffic</a>

In addition to the above relationship tags you can also add some additional information when using the friendship tag. For example you can add if you have ever met the person or not by adding a simple met to the tag as shown in the example below.

<a rel="friend met" title="Photo Manipulation / Caricature Manipulation by Rodney Pike" href="">Rodney Pike Humorous Illustrator</a>

The tags I just explained above are really only the start of relationship tagging links you can get a lot more details by checking out relationships meta data profile. You can also check the Google site to see specifically all the relationship tags that they recognize by checking out The rich snippets article in the google webmasters support.

Relationship tagging your links is very import for SEO as is getting relationship links back. Unlike other types of links, relationship links are a bit more difficult to get because they really require the person linking to you actually put effort into it. The best way to do this is by getting links to your site from people you meet through social networks. As you develop a relationship with these people explain to them the importance of relationship tagging your links. Teach them how to alter your link to contain a relationship tag.

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