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Plagiarism will not help your site to rank

If you are at the stage where you want to start building a business in the form of a blog then you probably already have some ideas on content?

This is great news but try not to fall into that routine that many marketers do when they get lazy. Plagiarism.

Don’t be fooled by the thought that tons of copied content is going to get your site ranked because in truth it will actually hurt your search engine visiblity.

Google does not like crawling copied content.

As I mentioned before in my last post about spending all day creating blogging, it really isn’t necessary to constantly blog on your site. All you need is original content and seeing it on one site, then copying and pasting to your own is not going to help your credibility at all.

Of course there are methods to stealing content in a ‘not stealing’ kind of way and this is done through spinning content. Spinning involves taking a post and changing certain words within to make it look original.

For example, ‘The time I most enjoyed about marketing’ could become ‘The most enjoyable time I spent pursuing marketing’. The same meaning but spun slightly to look like it wasn’t copied.

This has been a regular practice for marketers over the last few years but Google is getting wise to the methods. One day your site could rank highly through spun content and get lots of hits and even make you some money then the next day Google changes the algorithm to crawling to detect spun content (like the change to Penguin some time ago) and before you know whats happening your site is penalized and ends up no longer visible to Google.

When the Penguin update from Google was rolled out many thousands of people suffered and even lost their form of income because they relied too heavily on the Black hat methods of marketing. Methods like back-linking to irrelevant sites to gain exposure.

Don’t be on the receiving end of Googles next update because it could literally leave you rich one day and broke the next.

Put simply, if you content is completely original and genuine and your site has gained popularity through that content then just keep doing what you’re doing and Googles next update should not affect you.

If on the other hand you are spinning articles pulled from sites that your niche is in then be weary. Google will eventually take you down.



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