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Pillars of Banners

Pillars have long been considered a strong upholding and sound foundation on which things are built upon. Not only are pillars a sound foundation but they have also proven the test of time. Not all pillars however have to do with buildings and not all structures are physical. For example you business can be your structure and the pillars that your business are build upon can be your marketing efforts.

banner pillar pillars of banner

Today what I want to talk to you about is a new website service known as Banner Pillar. Now keeping in mind that a pillar is a foundation, that means this service is a foundation for banners. If you are a marketer who promotes a multitude of products, services, or businesses then this something you do not want to miss. This is a true game changing service.

See until now, if you wanted to rotate a multitude of banners you had a few options – you could run a javascript banner rotator, you could run a php banner rotator, you could run an ASP banner rorator, but what you couldn’t do is run a banner rotator with standard html. What this meant was that in order to run a banner rotator, you had to be able to place some sort of code on the webpage you wanted your banner rotated on.

If you are familiar with banner exchanges, text ad exchanges, safelists, surf exchanges or any other type of credit based marketing system then you likely realize when you add a banner to these systems you can’t input any html code. Instead you fill out a form where you place a banner url and its corresponding link. The resulting output from these forms is as a standard html image link as displayed below:

<a href=””> <img src=””> </a>

What the banner pillar service is an Intelligent Banner Rotator service. What this means is that the standard html image link can now act as a banner rotator. Inside the members area (its free to join) of the Banner Pillar service you can add up to 1000 banners and 1000 banner destinations. The banners are all condensed into one banner link and the destination links are also condensed into another single destination link.

That single banner and single destination link can then be used anywhere you can place an html banner. Whenever the banner is displayed, one of the random links you have in the Banner Pillar system and its coresponding destination link are displayed instead. This means effectively that the same code from above now becomes a banner rotator.

To see an exact example of what I am talking about I have placed my Intelligent Banner Rotator code below and under that I am displaying my banner rotator. Everytime you refresh the page, a different banner image is show, and if you click the image you are taken to different url.

This means ANYWHERE you can place a banner, you can now place a rotating banner.

<a href=’’ target=_blank><img src=’’ width=’468′ height=’60’ border=’0′></a>


Now I don’t often talk about any specific business offers because the truth is most people reading this blog already have their own business idea’s or are already involved in their own businesses and are just in need of the traffic. However when the traffic system itself can act as a very nice secondary source off income, its hard not to at least discuss it.

See when you first sign up at Banner Pillar you are given a few different upgrade options for various advertising packages. If you take one of these packages (and its VERY likely you will want to) you are automatically included into a money matrix. It doesn’t matter if you want to make money or not you are added to the matrix if you upgrade. As you refer more and more people to the banner pillar service, you get more and more people filling your matrix.

This is instant profits. I signed up strictly because of the service they offer. I upgraded strictly because of the service also. In fact I talked to support many times before upgrading and told them I didn’t care about the money making aspects all I cared about was that the service worked as described.

Two days later I was getting payments. I barely understand how a matrix works, yet there were payments coming to me… two days after joining. I still don’t quite understand it all, but if you like matrix systems, check this out.

Even if you don’t, being able to have a banner rotator anywhere you can post a banner, is a service that is unmatchable in this industry. I HIGHLY recommend checking this out. This truly is an Intelligent Banner Rotator service.

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