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The money is in Prequalifying NOT in the list

The money is not in the list The money is not in the list

Building a List Doesn’t Work!

Everywhere you go you are going to have people tell you that the money is in the list.

Literally its a phrase that has almost become synonymous with online marketing. The problem is, the money is not in the lists. It used to be. Ten years ago the money was in the list. The money, is no longer in the list.

In a world where everyone is on someones list, most of us eventually tune it out as noise. Sure we pay attention to the messages from the big marketers, but we never even give the little guys a chance to get big. No matter how many people are on their list, we tune them out.

So that old advice of, the money is in the list, is not actually true anymore.

What does it mean to prequalify leads?

Instead of list building what you should be doing is lead generation. Lead generation is the practice of finding people who are interested in your business or offer and sharing it with them.

List building is a form of lead generation, but its a form of lead generation that does not correctly prequalify leads.

Prequalifying a lead is the practice of determining if a potential lead is a good fit for your business or offer before you even consider sharing said business or offer with the potential lead.

How does one prequalify leads?

Prequalifying leads is actually a simple thing to do, but it takes time tweaking your efforts over and over again until you start to get real results.

Really all prequalifying is, is the practice of asking questions until you determine who is and who is not a good fit for your business.

How its done, varies based on the method of advertising or marketing you are using. Below I have added an example of prequalifying on a social network such as facebook.

Prequalifying on Social Networks:
prequalifying on facebook

prequalifying on facebook

Is Prequalifying only for social networks?

Prequalifying is not only done on social networks. Every single person you ever try to bring into a business or share an offer with, should be prequalified.

Another example would be using forums to prequalify instead of social networks. Forums have a slightly different method of prequalifying. People on forums expect to interact back and forth, and they are more likely to read details messages than users on other mediums.

You must use such knowledge in your marketing practices. So instead of asking a single basic question with some minor details, you may want to post a message that requires a lot more feedback. Forums are actually great for prequalifying for this very reason.

Instead of asking one question at a time, you can prequalify by asking a whole bunch of questions all at once.

“Has anyone here ever been involved with a crypto investment? If so what do you find to be the greatest risks? What do you find to be the greatest rewards? Do you think crypto currency is just a scam or do you find it to be legit? Do you think its to versatile for real investing? Please tell me your thoughts and experiences.”

The above post, could get all sorts of feedback and replies on a forum. You may hear from all sorts of people. Some may express skepticism about cryptocurrency. If you are promoting a cryptocurrency business. Those people have immediately dismissed themselves.

They have no interest in your business. Others may be new investors and may not have funds for your business or perhaps they might be to experienced. The point is, when you ask questions, you get to pre-determine, otherwise known as prequalify, yur potential prospects.

Why is List Building Not Prequalifying?

Why is list building not considered prequalifying? Well lets use the same example as we used above to help explain this a little bit. So lets assume for a minute you are in a cryptocurrency business of some sort. You want to build leads into that business so you go out and start building a list.

You create yourself a nice lead capture page that says “Are you interested in learning about cryptocurrency”.

You start advertising and the response is great. You are steadily building your list. However, no one seems to be joining your business opportunity. Sure they are on your list but you can’t seem to convert them.

You know why? These people had no interest in joining a cryptocurrency business. They wanted to learn about crypto currency. They don’t know enough and are looking for more education. They don’t care about your business or spending money with it. You could educate them forever and it will not mean that they will join your business because that was never their intent when they joined your list.

Build Prequalified Lists

Building a prequalified list is actually the secret sauce very few marketers ever talk about. While they run around with claims of big lists, they actually never tell people truth, which is they have a multitude of small lists, not one big list.

Thats what it takes to build prequalified lists – building a multiple amount of small lists.

Lets use Marketers Cooperative as an example this time.

If I were going to start building lists to get people into Marketers Cooperative, the lead capture pages would be set out in an array targeting various people based on their specific need.

My first lead capture page would have a form, and some basic text that says something to the effect of:

“Do you need website traffic? No money to spend? There is a brand new marketing platform that gives you more than 7 different ways to market your website for free. Enter your email for more information and details.”

I can assume those joining this list don’t have much money to spend. They will likely spend nothing, but may spend up to a max of $20. Free advertisers tend to be broke people who have not yet figured out how to make enough to spend money on advertising.

My next lead capture page would say something such as:

“Are you looking to start your own advertising or marketing website? Would you like free software to help you build your business? Start a traffic exchange, safelist, banner exchange, social exchange, or so much more! Enter your email for more information”

I can assume the people who join this list, would be interested in setting up their own websites. They want to know about the free software so they can decide whether or not they wish to utilize it.

I can also assume because they have an interest in setting up their own site. In the future they will be very good candidates for web hosting offers, paid plugin offers, premium script installation support offers and the likes.

Moving along I make another lead capture page that says something such as:

“Is your business struggling? Do you have a team of inactive members? Do you need help with marketing education for you, your team, or your business? No matter what your business we offer realtime marketing education classrooms to teach you the truths about marketing online. Marketers Cooperative – One team Unlimited Businesses. Enter your email for details.”

With the above list, I can assume those who subscribe are business owners and that they need help marketing. These are prime targets for our cooperative as we can both help educate them while providing them the tools and platform their business will need to prosper.

We can assume that if they are subscribing to such a list they are going to be willing to spend money as they have already invested time and money into building a business and now they seek education to further that business.

Finally i would make one final lead capture page. That page would look something like this:

“Are you an investor? Do you like crypto currency? We have a huge cryptocurrency investment plan and we need serious investors. If you are not a serious investor in cryptocurrencies, this is not the list for you.”

Lastly we target investors. Because we are targeting investors we want to ensure those subscribing to this list actually have money to invest which is why we use a sentence that is negative in annotation – we want to discourage those who are not serious about investing from joining this list.

We can assume those who do join this list, are not your average business owners. These are people that like to spend larger sums of money, for a larger return, with minimal effort on their part. Typically they will be people looking to spend between $500 and $5000.

Why Prequalify Lists?

If you were paying attention to what I just did above, I sorted out four categories of people in my lists.

First are the people who spend little to no money but still wish to be marketers.

Second is the people who prefer to own their own website services instead of spending money joining pre-existing businesses. They spend, but not usually as much as the guys who are invested heavily into third party businesses.

Third is those heavily invested in third party businesses. Someone who invests time, energy, and money into joining a business doesn’t want to see it fail. They already understand the concept of spending money to make money, so they tend to be willing to spend more than others.

Lastly is the investors. Businesses, startups, and cryptocurrencies all thrive on investors. A vast amount of business both offline and online in the world require investors to operate.

Prequalifying Leads Summary

So using the above practices, one will always know who to target what future products and services too, and they will have a much greater likelihood of making sales because of it.

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Bruce Bates is the original owner of the site where this blog originated. He is also owner of the marketers cooperative. He has been marketing for nearly 20 years and is well known in various marketing circles and social circles.

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  1. I love your opinion !”Building a List Doesn’t Work! ”
    People on the list doesnt mean for me that is the secret of a big business. No. at all.
    What if I do not wish to work with someone
    What if we can not work together so I rather choose talking talking –luckily I was born very talkative –and try to know others and after I may offer something .Building list is not personal for me at all .Confidence is needed for working together Am I right with my English dears—someone should moderate my english LOL Hopefully I was understable.

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