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Marketers Cooperative Launches OSMP

osmp article exchange osmp article exchange

OSMP stands for Open Source Marketing Platform. Open Source Marketing Platform is a new advertising platform created by Marketers Cooperative.

This platform contains just about every feature and method of marketing a business owner or advertiser could ever need. This is a platform every do-it-yourself marketer can use.

Some of the features include:

Traffic Exchange: A traffic exchange is one of the most misunderstood methods of marketing. It is about interaction and finding other business owners and do it yourself marketers. It is about reaching out and making connections with other business owners. Our script, make use of the traffic exchange for those who understand and wish to utilize such a service.

Safelist: A safelist is basically an email list of members, by members, for members. Each member can send each other in house email and they earn advertising credits for opening and reading the offers of others, clicking the links in the email, and clicking correct captcha images. Unlike most safelists, OSMP safelist does not send emails to peoples email address. Instead it uses a in house mailing system and then informs users once a day via email address of how many pending messages they have.

Banner Exchange: The banner exchange of OSMP websites can act as an onsite exchange, an offsite exchange, or both depending on the setup of an OSMP website administrator. The way the exchange works is simple. Members can add banners of either 468×60 or 125×125. Each member is then given banner code. They can add that banner code to their own blogs and website and they earn credits each time a banner is viewed or clicked.

Social Post Exchange: The OSMP social exchange currently works with linkedin, twitter, apsense, and facebook pages. It does not work with facebook profiles as profiles do not currently show any user shares or stream content to the public via a users profile page. Instead OSMP works with pages. Pages MUST be set to public. OSMP is not using facebook api. OSMP scans each url for the correct exchanged post. Posts all much be manually added. This is not an automated exchange. Very cool feature!

Article Exchange: The article exchange is perhaps the most unique SEO tool ever created and my personal favorite tool. The way it works is a little confusing but worth every effort of figuring out. How it works is, first you must submit an article request. You must give the article a title, you must make up 3 sentences you wish to have included in the article. You must add your link to the article. You must add the text you wish used for you link. Other members of OSMP website can then come along and hand write their own article using your criteria. This earns them advertising credits which in turn allows them to make article exchange offers of their own.

As an open source software, there are no restrictions to its usage. Anyone can use, reuse, or even take parts of th e code for their own personal usage and projects. OSMP is a completely free software. There are absolutely no fees what so ever.

If you are interested in checking out open source marketing platform, Visit the Marketers Cooperative to Download

Bruce Bates is the original owner of the site where this blog originated. He is also owner of the marketers cooperative. He has been marketing for nearly 20 years and is well known in various marketing circles and social circles.

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