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Looking to start a business? SEO explained

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Starting a business really isn’t as hard as you may think. In fact, your success is only determined by your ability to follow instruction and solve problems that website owners face today. And of course, SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a term used to describe the process used to Optimize the visibility of webpages through keywords, phrases and content and when the process is followed correctly it can be much more effective than most paid traffic generation methods.

There are many companies on the internet who are willing to help you out with your Search Engine Optimization but their costs can be prohibitive for smaller business and the truth is you can achieve the same results yourself without having to spend your business budget.

Be careful with the domain name for your business because sometimes as an initial idea this can be the deciding factor on success and failure. As an example I created a site about 2 years ago and registered the domain. My idea was the most advanced downline builder available today without ripping off the people who used it, and i succeeded in this however the biggest problem to overcome was the name and how it would rank based on that.

The name I picked was The Downliner however little did i know that there was also a band called The Downliners (crazy right?) so when a search was conducted on Google, Bing or Yahoo the result would always be the hit rhythm & blues band formed in the early 60’s known as The Downliners Sect. Lol was my face red! Always research your domain name as well as your keywords before you make a decision otherwise you could end up in the same situation as i was in.

Some people may say “You are already linked with something that was big and still searched today so you should consider yourself lucky” but those people are missing the whole point of Search Engine Optimization. Let’s use another example.

If you owned a local Fruit & Vegetable store that also delivered and had its own ecommerce site for the same Fruit & Veg on the internet would your site benefit from sharing SEO with the Apple Store that specializes in something completely different? If people are looking for “New Apple iPhones” and instead are given your site as a search result the likelihood is that your bounce rate is going to soar because that user will just leave the site as fast as they arrived.

If, on the other hand your site does actually offer information about Apple products then this could be very profitable for you. If not, and you are paying for hosting it seems Fruitless (pardon the pun) to rank for a keyword that has absolutely no relation to what your site is trying to achieve. People have their expectations set as soon as they search and to find something with absolutely nothing to do with what they were looking for will anger them and certainly won’t increase your business.

Back before the Penguin Google Update people could just design a bog standard site and stuff it with popular keywords in order to rank. The content could even be mostly gibberish as long as it contained the keywords you wanted to rank for (take a look at some e-cig & fashion sites for an example of the old Search Engine Optimization techniques)  but these days google, as well as the internet in general is evolving and the day that update came out all those gibberish, keyword stuffed sites just plummeted to the point where they were no longer even in the top 100 pages on a search engine!

You won’t believe how many people suffered that day. Even legit business owners who had mistakenly paid to have Search Engine Optimization done to their site lost hundreds of thousands of dollars all because they let someone else do it without really knowing what that someone else was doing.

Which brings me onto my next point regarding Search Engine Optimization. 

If someone has contacted you with the promise that your site could be at the top of the search engine within 30 days and offers to do this for you then consider the following:

  1. It is possible to rank in number 1 within 30 days but it’s very likely that it won’t be for the keywords you want.
  2. This type of SEO requires full access to a site and possibly some backlinks to other sites so make sure you trust the person who is altering your site.
  3. In reality the cost is negligible when you compare it to the results but with that said make sure you shop around before putting your trust in just 1 company. There are thousands of SEO companies and it’s usually very easy to get a deal. If they know Search Engine Optimization then this task is very simple to them so get a reasonable price.

If you want to do Search Engine Optimization yourself

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article SEO really is not that difficult The problem is when you search on the internet for ways to do it 9 times out of 10 you are being misinformed and this can really hurt your site. Why do you think we have so much misinformation on the internet? Because the actual way to do things is much easier than you think the people who are actually doing it the right way don’t want anyone else to know because it hurts their business.

The do’s and don’ts of Search Engine Optimization are as follows:

DO make your content relevant to your chosen niche (Niches are explained in the beginners course)

DON’T just create content for the sake of keyword stuffing. Give your readers something they want to read.

DO try and engage your customers and speak on their level. Make your site easy to navigate.

DON’T try and rank for irrelevant keywords. This will not help your sites ranking with google.

DO try to build links with others in similar Niches (Backlinking explained HERE)

DON’T fill your site with Advertising. Google hates sites that are monetized through tons of Ads if not done sparingly.

DO try to be consistent with your content creation. Don’t publish something until you have finished it.

DON’T overdo the content. Consider how long it takes for an article to rank and try to create something new every 3-5 days.

DO include links to your Social Network pages in your site (FB fan page, G+ page, Twitter, etc) 


That’s it for now. I’m sure I will have much more to add to this in the future. You can find the tools for Search Engine Optimization in the SEO Software Category.

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