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List of rss ping services

Below is the most complete list of serves to ping found online for your blogs and content management systems. You can use this list so that you can gain unlimited free traffic. I make no claim to the validity of this list as it has been compiled by collecting and combining various lists I have found around the internet over the last few days. If you don't know what an rss feed is, or what an rss ping service is I suggest you read this article completely. If however you are familiar with rss feeds and rss ping services, and if you understand the importance of rss for SEO, you can skip to the bottom of this article to get the complete list of 151 different ping services to use.

Rss Ping List Rss Ping List

What is rss?

RSS stands for really simple syndicate. Basically it is a small file that is used to record new pages and posts in a website, or new changes to a websites pages. This is especially useful for content management sites, blogs, and news sites that are constantly getting updated with new articles.

These rss files, or rss feeds as they are more commonly called, allow a user to subscribe to a website and keep up to date with its latest information and content.

What is an rss feed reader?

To subscribe to a feed via rss, the user needs a feed reader. A feed reader is a program that works similar to the way a web browser works. With a web browser when you visit a web page, it takes html code and translates that code from html into the website you see. With am rss feed reader, the feed reader takes an rss feed and translates that code into a human readable format that tells the latest news and updates of a website.

What is an rss ping service?

Because rss is very useful for telling people about website updates and changes, search engines and content indexes started using them for signaling updates and new additions to websites. The way it works is like this. You send a ping to a ping service.

When that service is pinged, the ping basically sends a signal to a tracking system telling it that the blog, news, or what have you, has recently been updated. Thus, pinging is the process of telling tracking services that a site has been updated.

How do I use rss pinging services?

Most content management systems and blogging software have setting in the administration area to setup up for auto pinging everytime new content is added. Each system is different in the way to add things. Below I will explain how to set up a wordpress blog to automatically ping 151 different services.

In wordpress long in to the administration dashboard. After you are logged in go to the Setting >> Writing section on the dashboard. The last option on that page says Update Services. There is a box below it that you can type into. It may have a service or two already listed. All you have to do is remove what is that and paste the list below into that box, then save.

You will be announcing to hundreds of different sites in different languages every time you update your pages.

What is the list of rss submission services?

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