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Just like adwords only its free

Unless you have been living under a rock you realize that the number one advertising network in the world is that of Google. There advertising system is known as Google adwords. When Google first began the adwords system it used one single method, that of text advertising. There was no video advertising what so ever, there was no graphical advertising, it was strictly text based.

free text advertising free text advertising

Adwords works by using another Google service known as adsense. Google adsense lets website owners earn money by displaying ads on their website, and Google pays each time one of those ads are clicked. This is what made adwords the best marketing method on the planet. A person using adwords, would have there ads displayed across millions of websites who were signed up to the adsense service.

The problem with adwords is that its not a free service. It works off a pay per click model. That means if 1000 people click on an advertisement but no one buys anything, you are still charged for 1000 clicks. That can get to be very costly.

Well there is a solution to this and its used by hundreds of thousands of people. It worked on the exact same model as Google adwords, only its free. The solution I am talking about is a service known as AdsVert.

AdsVert allows you to create a text ad and assign that ad credits. Each credit is worth one view of your ad on someone elses website. When you sign up you are given 2500 free credits to get you started. There are a few different methods for earning more credits when those credits run out.

The most obvious way of earning credits is by adding some code to your website that displays other peoples ads. Every time someone visits your site, you earn 3 credits if you have are displaying the AdsVert ads on your site.

The second method is perhaps better for those who don’t wish to display ads, but it takes a lot more work for inexperienced marketers – that is by getting others to join AdsVert using your referral link. You earn 1000 credits for each person you refer to adsvert, and then you earn another 100 credits for each person they refer. This works 5 levels deep so you can earn some nice credits just referring and getting others to refer new people to the service.

The final method is perhaps the most unique of methods and that’s by displaying ads on websites you don’t own. WHAT??? That’s right you can display AdsVert ads on website you don’t own. This is great with affiliate pages and referral based pages where you can’t actually change the code of the page (for example your home based business landing page). This also works very well with social media when posting news articles and blog articles of sites you don’t own.

Just like when you display ads on your own page, each time someone visits a link you have shared where you are displaying ads, you earn 3 credits. So if you are sharing a New York Times post for example, and you have added the AdsVert ads to the post, every time someone clicks to view that post, you get 3 credits.

Now just like with google adwords, you get targeting options with AdsVert as well. You can do targeting based on topic and you can do targeting based on geographic location. Its not as robust as the google adwords targeting but for free this is still very cool.

This is one of the best free marketing systems I have ever encountered and I have been a member of the service for years and years. I have searched for another similar service but it appears that no one has ever cloned this idea which makes AdsVert a VERY effective form of text advertising.

I’d love to hear your thoughts after trying this system out!

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