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Increase your traffic exchange marketing efforts over 500%

Yesterday I published an article about using traffic exchanges to build unlimited free traffic to your website called How to use a traffic exchange. Today I am doing a followup article on how to increase your productivity on traffic exchanges by over 500%. There is a tool called the traffic exchange browser that combines everything that makes traffic exchanges effective into one single tool. It doesn't matter if you have used a traffic exchange before or not, this tool can and will absolutely increase

Traffic exchange browser Traffic exchange browser

the effectiveness of traffic exchanges. Not only that, because the tool is designed solely to be used with traffic exchanges, it is also one of the easiest tools to market ON traffic exchanges.

What is the traffic exchange browser?

The traffic exchange browser, also known as TEBrowser, is exactly as the name would suggest, it is a browser designed for the sole intent of surfing traffic exchanges. It utilizes a traffic exchange concept known as power surfing. The idea is fairly simple. Power surfing is effectively opening up a series of different traffic exchanges in different tabs of your browser and switching back and forth between them to build credits on multiple systems at the same time.

TEbrowser build upon this idea by automating the process of power surfing. So rather than having to monitor which traffic exchange counter has reached zero and then opening that tab, the tebrowser does it for you, allowing you to continuously click without switching.

As soon as a traffic exchange surf counter reaches zero, the traffic exchange browser automatically switches to that tab.

The largest traffic exchange downline builder online

TEBrowser is also the worlds largest traffic exchange downline builder. A downline builder is a means of building referrals into a multitude of programs from one single location. When it comes to traffic exchanges, the more referrals you make, the more bonus credits. On top of receiving additional credits you can also earn commission if any of those referrals upgrade on any of the traffic exchanges you earn a percent in commission.

This is made possible because when you refer new members to the traffic exchange browser, and they join any of the 100+ Traffic Exchanges that are currently supported in the TEBrowser, they will be joining each of the TEs with you as their sponsor.

Automatic traffic exchange signup

The TEBrowser also has a built in auto-form-filler fully integrated into the browser. This means with just 2-3 clicks your referral organization can very quickly and easily register at any or all of the supported traffic exchanges. This makes signing up to any or all of the included exchanges very easy, and equally easy for each of your referrals.

Traffic exchange browser converts

Although the traffic exchange browser is one of the most powerful tools for traffic exchange marketing I have ever encountered and although it is an amazing downline builder, thats not what really appeals to me about the software. The thing that I find most outstanding about this software is the conversion rates. In fact this is why I upgraded to a lifetime gold member.

As a gold member one earns 50% of each sale that they generate, and thaat climbs to 75%. So the first time you generate a sale you earn 50%, the second person you refer you earn 51%, then 52, and so on.

And how do you promote this software? Its easy, you just add your affiliate code given to you inside the members area to all your surf exchanges. Its truly that easy.

I will note free members also can earn income however the ratio’s are very different. Instead of starting at 50% and working up to 75% commission ration, as a free member you begin at 10% and can only earn a maximum of 20% commission ratio.

Traffic exchange browser account differences

As a gold member TEBrowser is a very powerful tool indeed. First of all it allows you to signup for every traffic exchange included in the software and all of these exchanges become part of your downline builder. If you are a free member your downline builder is limited to only 12 traffic exchanges.

Another difference as a free member you are limited to only 5 automated powersurf tabs. This means you can only surf 5 traffic exchanges at a time. However as a gold member that number increased to 12 and you can exchange credits for even more.

Ultimately the decision to upgrade from free to gold is entirely yours, however the past two years of using this software has shown me the gold membership is absolutely worth every penny spent.

Hopefully this article gives you a clear cut understanding of why TEbrowser is beneficial and why everyone using traffic exchanges should also be using this software. There is no easier or faster way to surf 100 traffic exchanges every week than with the traffic exchange browser.

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