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So yesterday morning, Jay shared an article he found online. The article was comparing the stats he returned to people with the users own personal tracking statistics. The end result was the article referred to Jay’s site as a scam and Jay as a scammer.

I was kind of taken back because Jay does a LOT to ensure the quality of his traffic is of the highest. So I decided to really investigate the article and its claims. What I found was nothing short of a complete and total disregard for all marketing practices online.

So first of all the article was Another BS traffic provider debunked!. The author of the blog, Ing. Ladislav Smrtnik, did in fact join jays site, the downliner, and he did in fact upgrade. So there is at least some merit behind his claims. So we have to check into it.

So we check out the tool he is using to promote. The tool is none other than The Real Tracker. The thing is, there are some real flaws behind this tracker program. In fact, they discredit other trackers because the majority of trackers base website traffic on actual visits to your website. The claim of the real tracker is that they can distinguish between real visitors and fake ones.

Can they really though? That is the question and how does it compare to other trackers? Also lets talk about how it looks when compared to running ads on mainstream websites. That is the true test of whether the tracker can be trusted.

I should start by pointing out the biggest of flaws, they are vastly basing tracking on a javascript counter it seems. The problem with this is, it excludes about 5% of the traffic on the internet. All those who use secure browsers like TOR Browser which otherwise block javscripts from running. But its not just that, thats only a small piece of the problem.

The website of the real tracker explains that in their opinion, any visit that stays on a website for less than 5 seconds, is not a real visit – if its that short of a visit that means it must have been a bot, an artificial click, or otherwise not someone who would have legitimately visited the site.

Now far be it for me to argue with them, I mean after all their logic is clearly the top of the advertising industry, but Google – tends to disagree with them. In fact, the average visitor from an adwords click, stays on a site less than 5 seconds. So those according to the real tracker, would also be fake visits, which would also mean google, is delivering mostly not real traffic. According to the logic used by the author of the post, Google must also be a BS traffic provider.

But still it doesn’t end there. The real tracker, also attempts to determine if you actually have the browser window loaded. This means they exclude the entire industries of traffic exchange, safelist, banner exchange, pay to click, and pretty much all exchange based traffic. It means they exclude visits from all all power surfing or party surfing, something traffic exchange owners are well known to encourage, defining them as fake not real traffic.

Still it continues. If you test their tracker against the statistics provided by well known twitter, they also claim twitter statistics are lying. In fact, we should all be grateful that the real tracker exists because until now every single piece of traffic on the internet has come from some type of fraud… or we could all wake up and realize how incredibly flawed their tracking is.

We could realize it doesn’t take into account that splash pages are not intended to have a visitor on the page for more than a few seconds. We could realize that brand marketing doesn’t require a person spend countless time on a webpage. We could realize that tracking is not all completely made up and not every person on the internet who visits a page for less than 5 seconds is a bot of a false lead. We could understand that it takes the average person seeing an ad 7 times before they take action and spend more than a few seconds on a page.

We could realize that, the real tracker, is a real sham and provides false tracking based on completely useless data that doesn’t actually report how many people visited your website. It reports how many visited your website that have javascript enabled and took the time to care enough to stay more than a few seconds.

Also I should point out the parts in the article where the author talks about conversions to one of his links, thats entirely based off the real tracker and the fact it has discredited tens of thousands of real hits to give him that 40% ratio. The actual ration is less than 5%.

Bruce Bates is the original owner of the site where this blog originated. He is also owner of the marketers cooperative. He has been marketing for nearly 20 years and is well known in various marketing circles and social circles.

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