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How to use a traffic exchange

Traffic exchanges are a great way to get unlimited free traffic. This type of traffic can be extremely high quality and very targeted if you know how to use exchanges. Unfortunately most people don't understand traffic exchanges, and thus never see the benefits from them. Although there are actually a multitude of different types and styles of traffic exchanges, most people relate traffic exchanges to surf exchanges. This article is a miniature guide on how to using surf exchanges to get high targeted traffic to your website, blog, or business.

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What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a type of marketing membership website in which website owners exchange traffic with each other. The websites usually work on a point based system.

What this means is that a website owner must view a certain number of other websites to earn a credit, then that website owner can have their own ad displayed. For example a website owner must view 3 other websites on a traffic exchange in order to earn one point.

After the website owner has earned a point they can exchange that point to have another website owner visit their site.¬†Different exchanges have different exchange ratio’s as well as various different bonuses and options that are controlled by the traffic exchange administrator.

Why do traffic exchanges have a bad reputation?

Traffic exchanges have a reputation for delivering non-targeted traffic that doesn’t really convert to sales. Most people try to attribute this to a fundamental flaw in the concept of the traffic exchange.

People have this vast misconception that traffic exchanges are filled with people who only want to get traffic to their own websites, thus not caring about the other websites they are viewing. This is somewhat true, but its only true because people don’t know how to properly use the traffic exchange.

Traffic exchanges have two very specific uses. The first use of a traffic exchange is for the affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer you can find a vast amount of targeted traffic if you are trying to sell the correct products. The second use of a traffic exchange is using the exchange to funnel traffic to a mailing list or blog subscriber list.

What products convert on traffic exchanges?

Well we already know that the majority, if not all the members of a traffic exchange are there because they want more traffic to their websites and more leads into their business. For this reason, traffic exchanges can deliver very high targeted traffic if you are promoting traffic building and SEO tools. This can be anything from marketing ebooks to SEO software.

Can you think of a better way to sell products to marketers than to go to the sites you are assured marketers will be?

How do I funnel traffic from a traffic exchange?

The biggest reason for using a traffic exchange isn’t actually about making sales, its about funneling traffic. What funneling traffic means is getting a person off the traffic exchange and onto your mailing list or blog subscriber list. This is a highly effective use for traffic exchanges and something nearly anyone can do.

In order to funnel traffic from the traffic exchange you need to keep in mind that the members of the exchange are not looking to spend a lot of time on your website, after all they are really there to get traffic to their own sites. So what you have to do is give the visitor something that they can signup for at no cost, and read more about later.

So if you own a website that sells makeup for example, rather then having users land on your where they can buy makeup, instead you want to present them with a single page that encourages them to sign up for your mailing list. To do this you create a page that says something to the effect of “enter your name and email to get updates on the newest makeup products, tips to applying makeup, and beauty articles.” The type of page used for traffic exchange marketing is called a splash page.

What is a splash page?

Correctly stated a splash page is a single compact webpage that presents key points on reasons to buy, download, or signup to something. With any traffic exchange, splash pages that encourage a user to signup or subscribe to something always work best.

A splash page should allow a person to make a decision in under 20 seconds and the faster they can make that decision, the more effect the splash page is. The reason for quick decision making is essential because with a traffic exchange a user will only stay on your page as long as they are required, as defined by the traffic exchange admin.

How do I create a splash page?

A splash page should be a maximum of 775px by 500px and a minimum of 500px by 300px. Some people use a single graphic that opens up to a new website when clicked, other people use a graphic that has a subscribe form embeded, and still others do the entire page in html.


Another thing to keep in mind with splash pages, is they are a great for self branding. Basically all you need to do is make sure whenever you create a splash page, include a picture of yourself and a caption to that picture with your name. This brands yourself into peoples minds. Every time your splash page is displayed, they see your face talking about your topic. This certainly helps you define yourself as an authority.

Are there any services that will help me create splash page?

The splash page you just checked out was created using a service called AdKreator. AdKreator is a site that allows you to create all sorts of different ads for your marketing efforts. It allows you to create header graphics, banners, button banners, and all sorts of other advertising materials. One of the materials in allows you to create includes splash pages.

There are two options for creating splash pages. You can select blank templates and create the entire thing with your own graphics, or you can select premade templates. Selecting premade templates allows you to simply modify the text already on the screen, input your own logo’s or personal images, and then save and use them.

How many traffic exchanges should I use?

This is the part that discourages most people. To be truly effective with traffic exchanges, it takes more than surfing one or two exchanges. You want everyone to see your ads no matter what traffic exchange you are using. So ultimately you want to be on as many traffic exchanges as possible, as well as the most popular and active of traffic exchanges you can find.

How much time does it take to surf traffic exchanges?

The truth is that although traffic exchanges bring unlimited free traffic, its also true that not everyone has the time required to surf all these exchanges. For that reason exchanges allow you to upgrade memberships to make surfing faster. The fee’s are different for each exchange and is based on the administrators configuration. Most traffic exchanges also allow you to purchase points that you can assign to your sites without viewing anyone else’s sites.

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