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Half a million views in 3 short weeks and its not over…

The downliner The Downliner Cooperative Traffic Exchange

Well it wasn’t easy but I finally finished my project.

2 Years ago I was in the process of creating an all-in-one marketing system that was basically a set it and forget it type site. I launched many variations and many features but something was still missing. The traffic.

Every program, everything you join always requires one thing. Lots and lots of traffic. The Downliner 1.0 may have had all the tools the everyday marketer needed but it lacked the ability to explain the process of generating the needed traffic so instead of trying to explain this in a downline builder I decided to completely modify the internals to basically do it for you.

With any downline builder there is always that question of why am I promoting something to benefit the owner in their own programs when I could just do that myself? A lot of downline builders today exist because the owner essentially wants you to only join a few of the large number of programs listed then promote that builder to their benefit and to be honest there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It isn’t unethical as you were given the decision to complete the programs and chose not to. It is however unethical if you are essentially forced to join the programs in order to benefit unless the owner is personally promoting the builder themselves and your own promotion omits those programs.

The Downliner, thankfully was one of the few systems that actually did this. If you didn’t complete a program then the page you promote would not show it. So effectively you were promoting only your own programs. Lets say we have 5 programs listed in a downline builder. SFI, GVO, NPN, Adspaypro and Revshareforever and you only join 2 of the 5 listed. This leaves the 3 you didn’t join empty and so in the downliner when you promoted your splash page those 3 programs would not show. That’s the fair way to do it 🙂

Anyway to cut a long story short, over the 2 years of programming, designing and testing one thing became very obvious. The majority of people who joined your system basically have no idea what they are doing and unless you hold their hand throughout the entire process so to try and address this I created a step by step system which I called the TDL Wizard.

Surprisingly people were now actually joining the programs listed and even attempting to promote and in some cases people enjoyed but in other cases (ie. the majority) they just lost interest and moved to another program. People always ask the same questions when it comes to marketing: Why do so many fail?

The answer and example I give is always the same. People fail because they come in thinking it is going to be easy and this is mainly due to the enormous amount of misinformation that is freely available to any new starters. They see the millions of dollars and the big mansion with sports cars then they see a conman (for want of a better word maybe salesman lol) telling them they work only 5 minutes a week to end up with all that.

Now because the viewer is either desperate or uneducated in marketing they are vulnerable to these sales pitches because they want the same thing but the truth is that will not happen for them. The unethical marketers do this all the time. They rent houses, lease cars and then make a video about their success and wrap it all up in a one-page wordpress site with a call-to-action and expect the money to come flowing in but the real truth is these people are just like us. They make nothing online or next to nothing so instead they con their way to the top (which realistically is not what you see in the video).

So how can you become successful and make money online? The truthful answer is you have to work at it but there are so many that do not want to work and that is why so many fail.

So after 12 years marketing, programming and designing online it still makes me laugh when I see references to top marketers (supposed top marketers) I have never even heard of before!

So The Downliner 2.0 is the program I completely designed, coded and built from scratch and rather than suggest programs that make you money the system lets you pick your own and have them promoted for you through what we call The Downliner Cooperative.

Below are a few screenshots of the system just to give you an idea of how simple I have made this for anyone just starting out to the hardened marketers who believe most things are scams!

Note: These screenshots were created whist using a demo account. 

the downliner cooperative

The Downliner Dashboard

the downliner cooperative social links

The Downliner Social Links


the downliner cooperative campaigns

The Downliner Campaigns

the downliner cooperative stats

The Downliner Stats

the downliner cooperative shop

The Downliner Shop







So there you have it. You could probably figure out how to use this system just by the screenshots but for those who are still confused let me explain using an example program SFI.

You register to The Downliner and add your program to the campaigns.

Then you add your banner for your program through the shop and the same goes for a text ad.

At this point you have a choice. You can promote your coop page to earn points which convert to views. Currently the ratio for free members is 0.3:1 and upgraded get 0.5:1 meaning if you promote your coop page 500 times at one exchange you will receive enough points to get 250 people to see your site across 500+ exchanges!

Alternatively you can use the set it and forget it option which means you purchase points to promote your site everywhere without the need to promote.

In addition free members receive 10% commissions on their referrals upgrades and purchases. Upgraded members receive 30%.

But it doesn’t stop there. In TDL 1.0 there was the custom page generator which let you add your programs with a description and a banner and the program would show all those programs in sequence on a custom splash page. This was particularly useful for those who like to promote Clickbank products but are unable to get them approved in Traffic Exchanges and Safelists due to framebreak issues.

In TDL 2.0 that feature has been kept for all members. An image below shows you what a custom page looks like with your social links added:

the downliner cooperative custom page

The Downliner Custom Page generator









As you can see the program description (which you provide), the banner and your social links all on one page that rotates with every refresh through all the programs you add!

Very fast load time and optimized to be responsive meaning tablet and mobile users see this page at the correct size for any device.

So that’s The Downliner 2.0. The true set it and forget it system that will leave you more time to actually promote something rather than wasting your efforts on inferior splash page builders and dead end advertising.

There is much more on the site which I am not going to mention here but I will say to those who are thinking “I promote this but my referrals are not mine” . I did take this into account and decided to include a way for you to contact anyone in your downline through a personal messaging system so if you want to welcome your signups or offer help you are always just one message away from building a business relationship with your referrals!

And everything is available free!

So what are you waiting for? Join today and get your free advertising then tell me this system is not the bomb!


Jay is a professional author of Search Engine, Marketing and Social networking news and also the owner of The Downliner. He has over 12 years of experience with affiliate marketing and Internet business promotions.

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