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Google, SEO, and backlinks

If you are still doing SEO the old way, you are trying much to hard. In times past link building was a count of how many incoming links you had to your website. This method was tweaked countless times to make some sites more relevant and some sites less relevant in attempts to stop spam. The truth is these methods still work, but to a much less degree now. Google finally made it easier for the whitehat marketer and harder for the blackhat marketer.

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Most people don’t realize this but Google still weighs heavily in on backlinks, however now there is a large shift in where those backlinks must come from. They need to come from social networks. Now you’d think this may seem an impossible task because there are so many social networks. However thats not the case actually. Google released what they call “search your world”.

Search your world allows the search to target websites at you that your social connections have posted and it allows the links you share to be found in your search. So naturally google is using specific social networks to target information to you. However they are not just any social networks. In fact google tells you the complete list of social networks you should be active on.

See here is what makes everything so incredible for you, google has put together a tutorial on how to connect all your accounts. By doing this, they allow you to know what social networks they are most interested in.

Now a lot of people may be saying “yeah right, I am not connecting all my accounts”, but you need to keep a few things in mind, first of all, you don’t have to connect all your accounts to see what sites google wants account information from. Just look and make note of what Google cares about if you must. However the second thing you need to keep in mind is that Google is already attempting to connect this information, its a question of whether they get it right or not. So not connecting them may cause more harm than good for your SEO effect.

Link building is an important part of building free internet traffic, but these days when it comes to SEO some links matter more than others.

Now when it comes to monitoring your SEO on the web these days, Google has become a little disorganized, or perhaps they are just trying to be sneaky. To understand your presence on the web, google webmasters is no longer enough information. You have to look to your google dahboard now.

On your dashboard is an section titled Social Connections and Content. There are two subcategories of real interest. The first is Secondary connections. Secondary connections tells you all the people that google has connected with you. This means you influence these people in the search and they influence you. Google tells you exactly how you are connected to the person, and how many different ways. The more ways you are connected the more influence you have over that person.

The second subcategory is called social content. This tells you exactly what accounts google has linked to you and what websites and content google has linked to you. You need to make sure the websites you are marketing are attached to your name and that all your social accounts are properly linked to you.

Focusing on these parts of your dashboard is definitely the new way to SEO. Focusing on who you share your links with, and who you influence rather than randomly placing links across the web changes everything.

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