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Free traffic! Verizon uses it, do you?

It has been 5 months since the last time I updated. I want to tell my readers I am sorry for the long delay between posts. It is not fair to you that I up and abandon this blog. A blog that many have told me is a great free traffic, seo, and social marketing resource. The main reason I have not posted here on the free traffic blog in that 5 months, is I have just so busy with the marketers cooperative. Honestly I don't always find the time to update. When I do have time I don't always have the energy. Unlike a lot of bloggers, my job is not blogging here at unlimited free traffic. I don't make a great deal of money from the free traffic websites I promote and honestly I don't care to. I use the sites thats why I recommend them. I market with this free traffic sites. I don't make money from them. Thats not why I created this unlimited free traffic blog.

verizon free traffic building fliers verizon free traffic building fliers

I am a marketer not a blogger. My job is marketing and advertising not blogging about free traffic. However at the same time its my job to be professional and I don’t believe that I have done so with the unlimited free traffic blog.

Today I am setting to change that, I hope. I suppose a really great post about some sort of free traffic building is in order. However I think I have something better than a free traffic website or free traffic building method. I am going to feed you with ideas about what free traffic really is all about.

However before I get into free traffic, if it works, how it works, and all that other good stuff I need to discuss upcoming changes here at the unlimited free traffic blog. I am making these changes because I am hoping it will allow and cause me to keep this free traffic blog updated a lot more often.

My plan is to incorporate the free traffic blog with the marketers cooperative. I want to turn this into both a free traffic educational resource and a business building tool for businesses who have joined and partnered with the marketers cooperative.

My plan to open the unlimited free traffic blog up to our marketing partners at the cooperative. The reason for this is to allow others to make guest posts that relate to their free traffic websites. I believe by doing this I help my partners to explain their free traffic websites, I help the cooperative members by teaching them about free traffic building, and I help the business community at large by keeping this blog updated.

So in the next few months, expect a lot of changes. Everything from the free traffic building seo plugins we use, to the layout, to the types of free traffic posts we offer. I hope everyone will bear with me on this change, because I really believe this is going to be a change that’s good for all the readers and subscribers of this blog.

Okay now that I have explained the future plans of the unlimited free traffic blog, lets get to today’s post.

What is Free Traffic?

A lot of people here the words free traffic and have a narrow view of marketing. They think the words free somehow made the traffic useless and garbage traffic. They think free traffic is nothing more or less than safelists, text ad exchanges, and surf exchanges.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Free traffic is not so limited and narrow minded. In fact free traffic is nearly all encompassing for every types of marketing. Any e-marketing that is not paid marketing end up falling into free traffic.

Free traffic can include topics such as search engine optimization, social marketing, and article publishing. Free traffic can include link building, free traffic exchanges, and email marketing. Free traffic building can even include non-internet based methods like creating and handing out fliers, door to door marketing, and business to business marketing. Free traffic can include telephone marketing. Free traffic is truly all encompassing.

There are so many different ways of getting free traffic it is impossible to explain them all. That is what I really want to talk about today. Not free traffic, but rather the mindset of a business person.

Every single day someone tells me the traffic from free traffic exchanges doesn’t convert. I hear that free traffic is not targeted and is useless. Why do I keep hearing these things when I am actively growing my lists and subscribers with free traffic marketing systems?

The reason is simple. The people saying this don’t have a business mindset. They created a business and they think they need to spend a large amount of money on marketing. They don’t even attempt to market with free traffic. They have it predetermined in their mind that free traffic doesn’t work. Just to prove themselves right, they claim to have tested free traffic.

What they do is they join a couple free traffic exchanges, add their websites and promotional pages, surf a lot and then complain that they are not making sales. Whats worse is they blame it on the free traffic claiming it doesn’t work.

The truth is they never bothered to make it work. They never bothered to learn about free traffic building. The didn’t learn the marketing materials required to run a successful free traffic building campaigne.

They never learned about creating an effective lead capture page to build a mailing list from that free traffic. They didn’t start off with a business mindset of making their business work no matter what the cost or time required.

Struggling internet markets never cease to amaze me. Marketing online is easy because of free traffic. You get up in the morning. You pick a free traffic building website, you join the site, and you spend some time learning how it works and how to utilize the free traffic they deliver. You contact the owner and ask for suggestion. You contact other members and ask them what they are doing that works.

The very next day, you pick a new free traffic generating site, and you do this practice all over again. If you are smart you track the results of each of the free traffic sites you use.

This will tell you which free traffic sites are delivering and which ones are not. Everyday you pick a new site to join, setup, and marketing on. Everyday you look over your tracking results and return to the sites that are performing the best.

This is how unlimited free traffic works. However just as I said above, it doesn’t end with the internet.

So you are all burned out from sending out emails or setting up banner ads, or surfing free traffic sites? You’re brain can’t stand another day of it? Thats fine.

Make up a flier explaining your business and how it can help other business owners. Walk into your local SMALL BUSINESS (this doesn’t work with business chains or corporations) stores, restaurants, fitness centers, or whatever business makes sense for your industry.

Ask to speak to a manager or owner, tell the manager you would like to speak directly to the owner. Don’t tell them why, just demand to speak to the owner. If you are refused, ask for the owners phone number where you can make a complaint.

Contact the owners of local small businesses and hand them a flier (note you can’t put prices on a flier in the USA that is considered soliciting – info only with contact information). Guess what you get if you hand out a few fliers – every visitor coming to your site, is coming for free. You didn’t buy the traffic so it must be free traffic.

Do you doubt this works? This is the EXACT free traffic building method that Verizon uses to get businesses on the new verizon fios network. They go city by city handing out fliers on the benefits of fios, with a contact number and a website url.

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