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Free Traffic – super secrets revealed

I made a post on google+ today where I told everyone I am going to make a post about the real secret of marketing. Before I do, I want to explain who this secret will work for, because it won't work for everyone - well it will but they have extra work to do. This secret requires that your business involves something of real value. What I mean when I say this, is you have to have something that is worth real value. You're business could be anything from housekeeping to web designing, or you could create ebooks or jewelry. But you must have a service or product of real value.

Top Secret Top Secret

This secret will not work for armature sites (sites that make no money), blogs, or affiliate marketers without extra work. Its actually this secret method that makes “the list” so powerful. THIS is the reason you need a list, so you have something of value.

This secret marketing method isn’t really such a secret, but its something no one talks about. Its also something every single corporation in the world does.

The method I am referring to is actually a form of bartering. The way it works is simple. Find the biggest websites, publications, and the biggest and most inflectional people in your industry. Offer them free products, services, special affiliate agreements, or whatever it is you have to offer in exchange for free advertising, mentioning of your product or services, extra.

Its actually really easy for anyone to do this.

Let me explain how this works by giving you an example. Imagine you own a perfume shop and you have your own affiliate program. You offer all affiliates 20% of all the sales they generate. Now you go out and search for the top affiliates in your industry. You offer those people a partnership. You offer them 3 sample bottles of perfume and offer them 50% commission as an affiliate instead of 20%.

A different example would be if you owned a membership site such as a safelist. You contact other safelist owners and offer them a free lifetime top level membership and 500,000 free credits if they will partner with you and promote you on their safelist.

It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, if you have something of value this will work. Every major corporation in the world uses this method. Every marketer on earth uses this method. This is what makes the biggest of businesses successful.

This is how people create hype for products. This is the marketing scam that know one speaks about, the top people work to promote each others products to everyone.

As I said in the beginning, this is what makes the list so powerful. Because the list GIVES YOU something of value. Then you can find other people with something of equal value and you can do a trade. You can get unlimited free advertising from this method. You just have to find the right people and offer them the right trades.

Folks this is truly the secret of millionaires. This secret can make anyone with a business rich. This can make anyone rich. If you are creating a list, find people who are also creating a list and swap ads – meaning you advertise something for them to your list, they advertise something for you to their list. If you are a blogger with subscribers, find other blogs willing to do guest post swaps.

The trick is, the more you have to offer, the more you get in return. As an affiliate marketer or blogger, building a list MUST come first, for everyone else, you have something of value. Offer your services free in exchange for advertising. Offer your products.

This post, can literally make anyone a success.

Now if you read the post I made on Google+ you will notice I said I could tell anyone how to get 20,000,000 hits with under 100 emails. I say this, because the truth is there are people out there that have mailing lists with multiple millions of people on them. These are the people you want too find and contact. If you email 100 people that have a mailing list of over 1 million people each, and you can make a deal with even 20 of them, thats over million people reading about your product or service from a trusted source.

So there you have. No SEO, no traffic exchanges, no safelists, no social marketing. This is how you achieve free traffic the professional way. It may seem obvious to you, but its often the most obvious of things we overlook.

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