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Free traffic from trackbacks

Blog trackbacks are one of the most misunderstood things in the world of internet marketing. A trackback is a method of communication between two blogs. The purpose of a trackback is so one blog can inform another that an article has been mentioned. If you are a regular blogger you will have noticed that most blog posts have two URL's. The first is known as a permalink. A permalink is exactly as the name would suggest, it is a permanent url for the blog post in question. The second url is called the trackback url. The idea is relatively simple. You use a permalink to mention another blog post in your own posts, and you send a ping to the trackback url to let that blog know you have in fact mentioned it.

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Let me give you a real world example. Lets say someone types up a post to counter the statements I made in my post titled Free Aweber Solution and from the post, they link to my article. After they make their post you want to let my blog know they linked to it. To do this they have to send a ping to my trackback url which in this case would be

How do I ping a trackback url

Pinging a trackback url is not the same as pinging update services. If you read my article List of rss ping services I want to stress that rss services are not the same as trackback services and they use different types of pings. So the method to ping a trackback url is different.

The truth is every blogging software handles this a little differently. WordPress tries to automate the process by checking all the url’s in your posts to see if there is a trackback, and then ping the trackback if there is one. Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t tell you if there was some sort of problem or if they found a trackback url, or any other problems that prevent the ping.

There is a wordpress plugin called the pingchecker that helps with this a lot. Pingchecker improves upon the inbuilt fuctionality of WordPress by allowing you to receive the results of your attempted pings, if the results failed you have the option to then manually ping. Just like wordpress pingchecker checks the content of each post you make for links and checks to see if the url has a trackback that can be pinged.

Also pingchecker fixes a wordpress bug (wordpress mayh have fixed this by now I really don’t know) that stops many pings from successfully going through.

I don’t really know the setup of most other blog software, but most give you manual tools to check the pingback status of trackback urls.

How to get free traffic from trackback

Most blogs are setup so that trackbacks are displayed as comments. Because of this, linking to other blog posts inside your own posts is a great way to get a load of free links and free traffic to your website. This also helps for cross linking your posts because your blog will ping itself and a trackback url is formed.

Now there are all sorts of programs out there that will ping trackback urls even if there were no links page to the site. For this reason all sorts of spam filters have been created to stop trackback spamming. Some people go so far as to reject all trackbacks, others use complex filtering methods. This has made most trackback pinging software useless. Because of this, most of the software that exists, is very old and doesn’t work very well.

There is a software I have found that continues to work however I want to stress that using this software is considered blackhat. You are effectively building links to your site by using trackback spamming techniques. There are better methods of building links to your site than to spam. However some people are just never going to listen to that advice so I want to present you with one of the best software packages for trackback pinging.

The title of the software is simply called “submit trackback“.

What is submit trackback

Rather then give you a lengthy review of what submit trackback is, I am going to pull quotes from their website because not only is what they say 100% true, they have worded it better than I ever can.

While trackback protocol requires your pages to have backlinks to blogs that receive pingbacks, Trackback Submitter is the only software which bypasses this restriction utilizing unique submission engine. The software handles and randomly rotates unlimited number of promoted domains, comment messages (user-defined variables are supported, too) and proxy servers (including TOR).

This does work better than any software out their but there are a lot of blogs that this just doesn’t work with. However overall submit trackback is definitely worth its money and is the only automated trackback software I would trust.

Unlike less reliable tools, Trackback Submitter doesn’t come with integrated trackback lists that are already used by thousands of persons. Instead, it finds fresh and high quality sites based on your niches and keywords on autopilot. Of course, you can also add custom pingback lists for ultimate backlinks building experience. Finally, no other solutions come close to automation offered by our trackbacks poster; the tool is 100% automated, no user interaction required.

This is what makes submit trackback so incredibly amazing. It actively brings you fresh sites based on the topics you are marketing.

If you are looking to do things the quick way, not the correct, but rather lengthy way then you will want to use trackbacks for getting free traffic and no software makes this more possible than submit trackback.

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