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Free traffic from reviews

When it comes to free traffic systems, most of the time it takes duplicating your efforts over and over on dozens of systems, sometimes more. This is because whenever a marketer has a good idea, other marketers copy that idea. This is why there are countless banner exchanges, countless traffic exchanges, countless safelists,

link referral link referral

and countless text ad exchanges. Its very rare indeed when a method of free traffic stays effective for a single system because of this.

Link Referral

This is one of the reasons that the free traffic system I am going to talk about today surprises me so much. This particular free traffic system has existed for a number of years now, and I have yet to see the traffic system duplicated – or at least not by anyone serious enough to make it work. The free traffic system I am referring to is that of link referral.

Of all the free traffic systems I have ever used, link referral remains the most effective and hard hitting of sites that has not been duplicated. Linkreferral works a little differently than most free traffic systems. Rather than simply exchange traffic with others you are exchanging website reviews. You are also competing for a good listing in the link referral directory.

How Link Referral Works

Let me explain the full details. Upon joining you add your own link to the system. When you add your link to link referral you also select both a main category and a sub category of the directory for your link to appear in. Now to get your website a good rank in the link directory there are some tasks you must complete. The more tasks you complete, the better your ranking in the link referral directory.

The tasks you must complete are fairly simple. You must select 30 different sites from the link directory each day and visit those sites. Of those 30 sites you must review 5 of them. There is a built in review system that makes this really easy. Also after you are done with your reviews, you must select one of those sites to add to your favorites list inside the link referral website. Finally you must visit their link referral forums and either create a new topic or make a comment on an existing topic.

The tasks must be completed every 24 hours. The longer you stay active, the better your rankings get. What I mean by that is the more often you log in and do your daily tasks, the better your directory rankings get.

Link Referral Tips

Now a couple tips I have when using the link referral free traffic system are as follows:

  • Everytime you visit a blog site, leave a comment on the blog, and review the site mentioning in the review you left a comment. As with all comments on blogs, ensure that your comment is related to the blog post you review. Don’t jsut leave drive by comments.
  • Join with multiple email addresses and submit your url to multiple different categories. Having your link displayed in multiple categories gives you a lot more exposure.
  • Do not use splash pages or squeeze pages with link referral. You get better results sending people to your front pages.
  • You are given a rating based on the reviews you leave on other pages. Be sure to keep this rating as high as possible by always leaving 10 star reviews. If the site you are reviewing is below par, give it a 10 star review, but your advice as comments.

Link Referral for backlinks

Link referral is also a great method of backlink building. Currently this site has almost 100 backlinks coming in from link referral. I don’t quiet understand how this works exactly, but google indexes countless links coming from link referral in the webmasters tools area. I have included a screenshow of my webmasters tools area so you can see what I am referring to.

link referral backlinks

If anyone else knows of any other review exchange sites similar to link referral, please leave a comment and let me know. Comments suggesting random other traffic exchanges will be deleted.

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