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Free Traffic from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for building free traffic to a website. Not only does it drive traffic, if you are using Linkedin properly it also drives highly targeted traffic. LinkedIn is not like other social networks. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are social networks that are made for everyone to keep in touch with everyone they know. LinkedIn on the other hand was created to allow people to keep in touch with professional contacts. Friends they made through work employments, and people in similar industries.

linkedin linkedin

This makes it a powerhouse for targeted traffic. Its all about who you connect with and why you connect with them. Like most social networks LinkedIn gives you suggestions of who to follow based on the connections you already have. Only unlike other social networks LinkedIn is basing this off places of employments, types of business, and this sort of information. So connecting with people of a related mindset is very easy.

Building connections on LinkedIn

Before you can start using LinkedIn for building traffic first you need to make connections. Making connections with LinkedIn is incredibly simple. The first few connections you make need to be highly targeted toward your niche. Search websites for people displaying their LinkedIn contact information or use the LinkedIn search. After you have a few connections, you are going to want to use the simplest method of adding people as possible.

To do this first go to your inbox, then visit the invitations tab right next to the messages tab. Skip past the section that is titled “People you may know…” and click on the link titled “See more people you may know ยป”.

Linkedin screenshot adding contacts

Adding contacts on linkedin

On the new page that opens you will see a list of recommended people to connect with. Technically LinkedIn only wants you to connect with peopel you do know, but its a great way to connect with new people also.

Go through the list on that page and keep clicking on the “connect” link and then on the “send invitation” button. Do this bypasses the questions about how you know the contact or what business you know them from. Continue to add until you can’t add any more contacts. If you come across a page that tell you that you must know the persons email address to connect with them, go back to the previous page, refresh it, and then delete that person from the list and keep going.

If you run out of people to connect with try refreshing the page. Often times you will see more people after a page refresh. If that doesn’t work you will have to wait 24 hours and check again.

Ultimately linkedin allows you to connect with somewhere between 30 and 50 people a day. You will know when to stop because you will see the screen below popping up. When you see this screen do not continue to connect with people or you will end up getting your account flagged for connection abuse.

linkedin stop connecting

linkedin stop connecting

I have built up over 4000 connections on LinkedIn using this very method. It is very easy to do however I will say if you don’t empty out your connections monthly to remove the people who haven’t responded, sooner or later your account will get flagged and you have to contact LinkedIn support to get it reinstated.

Turning LinkedIn connections into traffic

Turning your LinkedIn connections into a source of free traffic is actually relatively easy and heavily revolves around LinkedIn’s built in email system. The truth is email is the most use form of communication in the business world, and the way LinkedIn is set up most people receive and reply to their LinkedIn contacts directly from their email. For this reason, LinkedIn emails are highly responsive.

The problem is that people get connection after connection spamming them and advertising products they don’t want or need. So you have to create an email title that is truly eye catching and gets your contact to actually open and read the email you are sending. Not only do you want them to read your email, you want them to view whatever website you are trying to get traffic to. This means your email can’t just be an advertisement.

When typing an email to contacts on linkedin you need to ensure you keep it very personal. Say hello, let them know you are not advertising anything to or at them, and tell them why you are contacting them. Never send a linkedin connection to a sales page. Instead send them to an information page where they can learn something rather than purchase something. Blogs are great for this type of traffic building.

Rather than get into all the details of how to correctly send a person email, I have included a copy of a recent email I sent out on linkedin as an example.

I just wanted to drop you a line and say hello. I am not trying to sell anything or get you to join anything so I hope you will take the time to read this.

I am almost never active on linkedin, facebook, or twitter anymore. All my posts to these sites are automated. The only social site I am really active at now is google+

If you want to stay in open active communications with me, finding me on google+ is the best way.

Also if you are in any kind of online business or if you have a website of any kind, I have recently created a blog where I help teach people about online marketing, seo, traffic exchanges, email list building and basically all sorts of marketing. This is absolutely free and costs nothing.

I hope you might be willing to check that out, maybe leave a comment or two ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps share it on twitter or like it on facebook or if you are active on Google+ give it a +1:)

Well just wanted to give you some updates about where I have been and a new way to connect with me. Hope all is well with you.

Have an awesome day,
Bruce Bates

LinkedIn email limits

LinkedIn limits the amount of people you can send a single email to. That limit is 50 contacts at a time. However because linkedin present your contacts to you in alphabetical order, its very easy to copy and paste an email to a text file, and then send the email over and over 50 contacts at a time, each time marking down where in the alphabetical listing you left off.

This also helps if you have many thousands of contacts because you can stop and come back to sending at a later time rather than sending the email to all your contacts at the same time.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups for free traffic

Another great way to build free traffic from linkedin connections is by creating yourself a linkedin group. As a linkedin group owner you need to ensure you group stays spam free and full of discussions. Basically you should use your group as a public stream for sharing content. Posting links to blog posts and allowing discussions, giving others in your niche tips they can use to market themselves and their business, or whatever else you can think of are great topics for LinkedIn groups.

The idea behind a linkedin group is to use it by creating a general awareness of your website. This can also be used to help in social branding which I talked a bit about in my last post.

There are other methods for building unlimited free traffic from linkedin, but this is the basics and should get you going on some very nice targeted social traffic.

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