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Free traffic from dating networks

Most people never figure out what social marketing is really all about. They know it has been amazingly successful for some so all they have to do is get a mass following of friends and then share whatever they want and thats it. Thats not even the start of things in fact. Thats NOT what social networking is about. Social networking is a method of building social relationships and sharing your knowledge and experience of what you do while maintaining a relationship. Think about your closest friends. Do you know what each of them does for a living? If you needed someone to do work for you in their field, would you call on them?

dating traffic dating traffic

Thats what social networking is about. Its about making friends online, and then within that friendship sharing what you do. If you were to follow me on Google+ you would find that I post about all sorts of topics. I post about politics, I post about religion, I post about news, I post about business, and I post about marketing.

I have a lot of people that don’t like, I have a lot the do like me. I go about not only sharing my own posts, but the posts of people I connect with also from time to time. I can frequently be found leaving comments and opinions on other peoples posts. I am BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.

That’s what social marketing is really about. Building relationships and allowing people to see for themselves just how experienced and knowledgeable you are.

But the major networks are NOT the only place to be social. One of the greatest places I have found to be social, is on dating websites! Although when you hear the term dating network, you think of dating, most of the dating networks I join have an option of “just looking for friends”.

Believe it or not you can find countless leads and free traffic to blogs, businesses, or wherever you want. Its not as easy as just posting a link to a product, but you definitely get a LOT of traffic that most people are not targeting. You have to build a real relationship long before you start sharing you businesses or websites usually. I find the best way to handle things is to wait until the person asks you the question “what do you do for a living”.

After the first conversation I mix things up just like I would in any relationship. I share how business is going from time to time and try to encourage their interest in what I do.

Dating networks are a great way to build leads.

Now for those of you who own a dating site or run a dating site you will have noticed I have shared a bit of information on this blog about banner exchanges, but most banner exchanges don’t target dating networks very well. There is a banner exchange designed specifically for you. The banner exchange is that of First dating network.

This is a banner exchange exclusively for dating networks.

Getting traffic from dating networks is an AWESOME method of building traffic that very few people will ever realize exists.

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