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If you want to effectively market, you will need a fair amount of quality advertisements. I can't count how many times over the years I have found myself needing all sorts of advertising. It started off innocently enough with my needing a couple banners and has grown into something so much more as I have learned more and more about marketing. The trouble is, I am a marketer not a graphic designer. So when I first started I looked into the cheapest of methods I could - I went to free banner creators. They worked okay I suppose, the problem is most of the free banner creators online suck. They are good for what they do though.

A free banner creator simply presents you with a series of templates already designed, and then you select the template you want and fill in your own values.

There are some major drawbacks to most of the banner creators out there. First of all, the banners are not targeted to whatever it is you are promoting, and they are not a high quality graphic that encourages someone to click it. This is a HUGE problem when marketing.

Basically when using a banner creator your banner is only as good as your ability to import high impact graphics. If you know enough to import graphics and make catchy banners, you most likely can already create your own and don’t need a service. For everyone else however – for the people that use free banner creation services, they end up all having banners that look similar in design and are not very effective.

Also most banner creators I have used create very specific banner sizes, usually only 468×60 which is a standard banner. However if you need 125×125, or 250×250 or any other size, you are pretty much stuck and have to hire someone. In fact graphic creation was one of my highest expenses until a couple years ago.

A couple years ago I learned of a service known as AdKreator. AdKreator literally changes my entire expense account overnight. I stopped paying for graphic creation because of this service. AdKreator gave me more options and more templates and more sizes than I had EVER seen – and whats better is its updated with new stuff all the time.

AdKreator was created by marketers who understand the exact types of ads you need in marketing and they know that each persons graphical design needs to be different while at the same time encourage clicks.

Inside the banner creator you will see a large list of banner sizes and banner types to chose from and each has a number of templates. They offer the following banner sizes and each also displays how many templates are available for that size. You’ll note they even have a facebook banner size.

468 x 60 [40]
125 x 125 [46]
120 x 600 [44]
728 x 90 [4]
234 x 60 [32]
160×600 [2]
250×250 [3]
Facebook (110×80) [1]

The thing is, this service doesn’t end there. In fact thats only the beginning. Have you ever heard of peel-away ads? Well AdKreator offers 13 templates to create peel away ads. They also offer 10 login ad banner templates AND 10 more login BONUS banner templates.

AdKreator has 6 different categories for splash page graphics also, including full page graphics as well as two categories that are very popular affiliate programs. These 6 categories have over 200 templates in all.

The AdKreator service also offers button banners, web 2.0 banners, squeeze page graphics, website headers, clickbank banners, list builder banners, and a great deal of other things.

All in all there are literally thousands of templates and various sizes and options for this site. Not only that, the banner creator itself is VERY advanced – all with point and click options. They make creating things like glow effects a snap. They make working with layers truly simple, they give you shapes and cliparts that can be used in your banners. They show you exactly where to add your own pictures in some graphics.

This service is unmatched by any other service on the internet.

I have mentioned AdKreator on this site a few times before now but this is the first real review I have done of the service. I think its the best service that has ever existed for graphic creation and encourage everyone to create a free account.

The reason I am making this post TODAY is because this weekend only AdKreator is offering a very amazing discount offer. Before I tell you about the discount let me tell you the difference in the free account, and the upgraded accounts.

With a free account, you are limited to creating only one banner on the service. Thats just not enough for most marketers. If you are marketing something you will need all sorts of various types of graphical ads created. So you are going to want more than just one banner.

For this reason AdKreator has a business account. The business account allows you to create 9999 banners. This is much more useful than one.

Okay so back to this offer they have going on. AdKreator business account usually cost $19.95 a month. This is a little less than $240 a year. My experience shows me I can spend that in a month with a graphic designer. So $240 a year is a great bargain and was the reason I upgraded. However The creators of AdKreator have taken things a step further for mothers day.

Mothers day weekend only there is an offer presented to you when you login to upgrade for the whole year for only $77. That’s a full 67% discount. That is a HUGE offer from such a great service. I will constantly talk about the usefulness of the AdKreator service because I use it ALL the time.


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