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Free Aweber Solution

It doesn't matter if you are using Aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, or any other mailing communication service - the truth is you are spending money you don't need to. These companies offer services that you absolutely can set up to do yourself and with relative ease. In case you don't know what Aweber is, Aweber is considered a complete Email marketing service. The main features of the service are the ability to safely send out mass newsletters, the ability to create stylish optin (subscriber) forms, to manage subscribers,

Autoresponder replacement Autoresponder replacement

to track link clicks, and to use auto responder follow ups. In short it make it easy and manageable to run a mailing list.

However if you don’t want to pay the expensive fee’s involved with a mailing list solution, there is a free way to do this. The free method is using a wordpress installation as an auto responder and mailing tool. There is a free plugin for wordpress called the WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin.

This plugin turns your WordPress installation into a free aweber solution.


Features of WP autoresponder and newsletter plugin

  1. Create unlimited number of newsletter lists
  2. Create followup email responses that can be schedueld to go out after a specific number of days since the subscriber subscribes.
  3. Add subcription forms to your sidebar using widgets.
  4. Provide email subscriptions to your blog without using third party services like Feedburner
  5. Generate subscription forms and then use them on your website anywhere.
  6. Collect more information about your subscribers by generating custom fields for your subscription forms.
  7. Schedule e-mail broadcasts to your email newsletters in text/html. You can even send the broadcast to specific sections of your newsletter by selecting them using the custom fields.
  8. Provide email subscription to specific categories in your blog
  9. Import your subscribers from Feedburner and Aweber.
  10. Define rules to unsubscribe users from one newsletter if they subscribe to another newsletter.


Mailing list hosting

Now the thing to keep in mind when hosting your own solution is that many webhost providers have a limit on how many email you can send out in a day. My suggestion is to pay a little bit more for better hosting while dropping the aweber service. A great host for this is that o Linode Xen VPS Hosting. This is NOT an affiliate link. I recommend these guys because they offer the cheapest and most reliable virtual private server hosting that money can buy.

The only limits imposed on your mailing list size, are related to your bandwidth usage. When you get close to your monthly bandwidth limit, the company sends you an email so you can opt to increase your hosting package. For most people and most mailing lists the cheapest they offer should suffice and that costs $19.95 a month.

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