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Framebreakers – Why do we use them?

Framebreakers. Whats the deal and why do we use them in promotion?

If you surf on traffic exchanges you’ll notice that some sites like to show you a popup asking “are you sure you want to leave this page? Please stay and we’ll make you a better offer” or similar and these methods are known as Exit Popups. Do not confuse this method with Framebreaking because although this popup is preventing you from seeing the next site in rotation until you complete a certain action the surf bar is still visible and the easy way out is to just click stay on page but that may not be the only Exit Popup and it’s likely you will have to do this a number of times.

However there are times when you will click this button and be taken away from the surf site and then the annoying popup becomes a Framebreaker! Sites like this are not usually accepted on traffic exchanges as they reduce the whole surfing experience and force you to have to use the back button on your browser to return to surfing.

So why do we use them? If you have a product to offer and you also have some smaller offers relating to the same product on your page then you are going to want to keep your visitor as long as possible so they can see everything you want to show them so a piece of code is used to detect when a visitor is trying to leave the page. This detection could be the point where you move your mouse outside of the sites frame in order to complete the captcha image and move to the next site or it could be when your mouse is heading for the close tab button. Either way its an annoyance and not a practice that Traffic Exchange & Safelist owners like.

The worst type of Framebreaker is the one that completely breaks the frame upon loading which means it has removed the surfbar and given you no option but to click the back button to return to sufing. These are the sites that completely violate the Terms of traffic exchanges & Safelists because there is absolutely no way for the visitor to be credited for that view and so the owners credits are never used. As a Traffic Exchange runs on a “you see me and a credit is removed from my balance and vice versa” model it becomes a “you see me and a credit is removed but I see you and your credit remains the same”. This is totally unfair to those who surf legitimately to acquire credits in order to have their site seen and degrades the experience and effectiveness even further.

There are Framebreaker checks done when a member adds a site to an exchange but these are easy to bypass if you own your own domain. All a user would have to do is create a simple web page page then submit that to the traffic exchange then upon acceptance they just need to replace the web page contents with the contents of the Framebreaker code and presto! Free Views until a user reports the site.

The problem is that because the majority of network marketers are not entirely computer savvy they may not know how to report a site that completely breaks frames and instead they may choose to ignore the minor inconvenience and go back to the site to surf some more.

Unfortunately this is the case for a lot of beginners and so the more experienced get effectively free traffic whilst you surf for credits in order to get the same traffic.

Thankfully a lot of exchange owners are starting to tackle this problem but there are still thousands of exchanges where ultimately if you know what you are doing the traffic will always be free!

Jay is a professional author of Search Engine, Marketing and Social networking news and also the owner of The Downliner. He has over 12 years of experience with affiliate marketing and Internet business promotions.

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