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Exposed Scam – the ultimate mega con artist

Today we need your help. We really need everyone to share this with their social connections, email their mailing lists about it, leave comments, and do everything you can to let others know about this exposed scam. These types of cons are what destroy the industry of internet marketing and keep very hard working honest people out of the internet industry. This exposed scam is of the worst kind I have ever encountered because of its guise to expose scams. This type of thing must be stopped and only we as internet users have the power to make that happen by exposing the things we find, this exposed scam is one such find. The few sites that exist to help bust scams are not nearly enough - if they were then millions of people would not be scammed each year out of billions of dollars!

mega con arrtist mega con arrtist

So please do your part.

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The exposed scam

I visited a post today shared with me on twitter. The title of the post had me curious as it was labeled with a scam warning. So I was expecting to read about the latest of scams – perhaps something about profit sunrise or hourlyrevshare or any number of emerging exposed scams. What I found however was something much worse…. it was a scam, claiming to explose a scam.

The blog post in question can be read at http://enfordummies[dot]com/wordpress/scam-warning-this-is-exactly-what-the-scammers-do-be-aware/ and it was written by a scammer going under the name Ben Davis.

The scam he claims to expose is a facebook scam where some guy with a random fictional name makes a post trying to get others to email him promising them traffic. Now in this article Ben claims the facebook scammer is trying to get you to give him $1000 under the promise of joining him in a cooperative (of all things… go figure).

Now he has screenshots of this guy asking people to contact him, the replies he gets, and basically how the guy goes about it. Then he follows it up with a video….. and thats where things get really interesting.

He claims this guy goes to a very specific website, which of course he names the url of in his video. And he claims the guy buys this huge traffic package and basically just keeps all the traffic for himself.

Now the weird thing is, the guy tells you “just go to the site yourself and buy the traffic”. Sounds like logical advice right? Until you realize in the video he is showing prices of $9,000 for 6000 website VISITS!

Seriously folks, this guy basically owns two accounts, one he claims to expose, the other gets you to go buy traffic at a site he likely owns at REDICULOUS prices. I mean SERIOUSLY REDICULOUS prices.

I buy an average of 1000 hits for $4.95. This is INSANE!

As if thats not enough, the guy is promoting Empower Network! (I really have nothing against empower network…. but it is the snake oil product of the marketing industry in my opinion).

This is a program that sells for $1000 and offers you training worth about $100. They sell you blog hosting for a fee that is 10 times more expensive that of hostgator which is around $5 a month and thats even $5 more than somewhere like byethost. A free service…. for something like $50 a month….

This is truly the con of all cons.

Claiming to bust a scam so you get people to buy into your scam….. all while selling a 3rd party snake oil product.

What is the marketing world coming to. ~sighs~

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