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Every opportunity needs a solid plan

Everyone online in marketing is trying to find the next best thing. Problem is the next best thing like everything else requires a solid system and that comprises of:
1. An AR or Autoresponder for the beginners
2. A splash page because you can never rely on direct promotion for 3 main reasons (the first is blind promotion to an opp is going to blow up in your face when it fails as you’ll have no contacts to fall back on and also you want to make sure the people you are referring are actually joining under you and not the shady owners. Lastly you may actually have a prospect that is interested in what you are offering but the site you are referring them to is temporarily offline which is a real blow and can easily be avoided)
3. A source for advertising
4. Support. Very rarely will a program actually support the starters so find yourself a program where you are offered cooperative support.
5. Finally and most importantly you need at least 2 payment processors (paypal and another processor your opp supports) because if you’ve been doing this as long as me you’ll know there are always processor issues down the line especially in the revshare niches.
That’s why i built The Downliner. It takes care of the most time consuming requirements (especially advertising) which leaves you with that free time to create a series of high quality emails to explain to your prospects exactly what you are offering.
Traffic from all known sources including CPC, CPA, PTC, TE, SL amongst others.
Jay is a professional author of Search Engine, Marketing and Social networking news and also the owner of The Downliner. He has over 12 years of experience with affiliate marketing and Internet business promotions.

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