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Easy Traffic from Advertising Coops

Most website owners begin businesses online with limited funds available to advertise. This is why so many look to search engine marketing and free traffic marketing. Even after a marketer begins to make money online, often times what happens is they try to purchase advertising only to find their advertising dollars are wasted. Think about this, if you only had $20 to spend on advertising, where would you spend that money? Perhaps some pay per click ads? Or maybe you would try a one month membership at your favorite ad exchange? Do you think you could get any real results from a single membership on a single exchange? Do you think a $20 investment in par per click advertising would bring in enough money to continue paying for ads?

Unlimited Free Traffic Advertising Coop Unlimited Free Traffic Advertising Coop

The truth is, $20 doesn’t get you far. In fact, neither does $100. So perhaps you can upgrade on 5 or 6 different marketing sites. You may even see some great leads from it, but unless those leads turn to paying customers, you are going to have to fork out another $100 next month. After a year you MIGHT have built up enough traffic and leads to BEGIN seeing a profit.

The reality of marketing online is that it takes thousands of dollars, and each month you have to invest thousands more – or you can go about things the long and hard way of free marketing and getting a few leads each month until 2 or 3 years later you finally have enough to begin to take your online business serious.

This is why advertising cooperatives have been created. In an advertising cooperative everyone pools their marketing dollars and the owner of the coop then uses that money to bring in a maximum return for all its members.

Imagine you join an advertising coop for $100. Now you know your $100 isn’t going to go far if you market alone, but if you are able to pool that money with 10 other marketers, now your $100 turns into $1000. The owner of the coop then takes that money and buys advertising not one 5 site, but one 50 sites.

Now instead of you advertising being viewed by the members of 5 sites, it is seen by the members of 50 sites. The same advertising dollar goes much further in an advertising coop. And again, thats only a small advertising coop of 10 members, what if the coop has 100 members, that means $10000 in advertising equally split between all members.

Its not just about memberships and advertising exchanges. This money can be pooled to purchase marketing software packages, memberships, credit purchases, search engine keywords, backlink building, and just about every other form of marketing you can image.

Well if this sounds interesting to you, wait til you hear about what I have been working on for the past year. I have been working on what I hope to become the worlds largest marketing coop. I have contacted hundreds of marketers online in every area of marketing.

I have developed relationships and deals with marketers in the text ad exchange industry, the surf exchange industry, the banner exchange industry, the social marketing and bookmarking industry, the email marketing industry, the seo industry, and the marketing software industry.

I have been working with these people to build a nice partnership of networked marketing sites, all so I could get the maximum return on advertising dollars. I am using these partnerships and deals to run the advertising coop I have created.

To learn more about this coop and to join, please visit the Unlimited Free Traffic Advertising Coop.

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