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Easy Automated Safelist Marketing

One of my favorite tools for safelist marketing has been slgenie for nearly two years now. Safelist genie is a safelist management tool that has been a great help to me in my experience. However there is a big problem that happens to a lot of software and I am sad to say has also happened to Safelist genie. Unfortunately what has happened is the creator of the software has stopped actively maintaining the list. Don't get me wrong its still a great tool and I LOVE it, but its not as effective as it once was. There is however a new way of safelist marketing I have been using and the effects of it are absolutely OUTSTANDING. The system I have been using is known as mysafelist biz. Its actually a very simple system and I will give you a complete walk through.

my safelist biz my safelist biz

A person starts off on the landing page, that explain what the system is (its not as good of an explanation as what I am sharing). On this page they enter their name and email address so they can get further information. When a person fills out their name and email address they are signing up to your mailing list. This is done by configuring your auto-responder in the back end of my safelist biz. After a person verifies their email address they are sent to the page I have shown below.

My Safelist Biz screenshot

My Safelist Biz screenshot

On this page the user is recommended to signup for 6 top ranked safelists. These are based on selection from your mysafelist biz backoffice. When a person fills out this section they signup for these 6 safelists under you. This means if they ever upgrade or make a purchase you earn the commissions. It also is an added place you can email them from other than your main list. Most importantly however, you can bonus credits when they sign up. This is what makes the system so special.

When you first begin using my safelist biz you have to do a lot of promoting on safelists. The more you promote this program on safelists, the more people end up on your mailing list and the more people end up signing to the 6 safelists you selected to promote. As more and more time goes on you have to do a lot less promoting. The reason for this is as you begin to earn credits from referring new members, you less time is required to interact with the safelist. You can just login and send out email without reading other peoples emails.

As time goes on these credit begin to build themselves as more and more people join you. This is what makes this a brilliant program to use.

Now after a person signs up to your 6 safelists, they are taken to a third step of the signup. This section requires that they pay if they want to be able to use this business.

If a person opts to become a paying member, this is how you make money from the system, if they don’t – you still have them on your mailing list and they are in your referral list of each of the safelists you are promoting.

Now why would you want to pay for this service?

Well as it stands I had the chance to sit down and have a 2 hour discussion with the owners of my safelist biz. The first thing that makes my safelist biz a brilliant marketing tool is that these guys actively promote with safelists and they rank safelists very well. Here is how it was explained to me. I was told they are very picky about what safelists they accept in their system. They said first of all the safelist has to have a fair amount of users and not only do they need a fair amount of users, but they need a fair amount of active users. I was told they accept nothing less than a 2% click through ratio of safelists that accept in their system.

On top of a large active user base and a relatively high click through ratio (for a safelist) they also said they look at commission level payouts and credit bonuses. That is to say they ensure that there is a nice bonus of credits for referring members who remain active. Some of these sites even give bonus credits every time a user logs in and they all pay monthly commissions.

Now as I mentioned you can only select 6 safelists to promote at any given time, but you also can easily switch out your safelists and continue to build in various safelists – you are not limited to 6. In fact there are many many safelists and all are top ranked and very active.

my safelist biz safelist selection

my safelist biz safelist selection

I don’t promote programs I don’t believe work and i don’t promote programs I haven’t personally tried and I can say firsthand this program is outstanding and I recommend it to everyone. After a few months of promoting with this, your credit building is truly on auto pilot and your list size is large enough you can begin to turn a profit promoting to it.

After signing up you will find 3 sections that need filled out. First is your profile. For security reasons my safelist biz uses a secondary paypal service known as JVZoo. You must signup as an affiliate of JVZoo in order to promote mysafelist biz. Next is a section titled “manage safelists”. This is where you select your 6 safelists and enter your safelist affiliate information. Last is a section called “downline builder”.

This is filled with useful programs and you should definitely sign up to each one. As you promote more and more you find people randomly fill that out and become part of other systems earning you even more money.

One final thing I think is worthy of mention is that it is a requirement of mysafelistbiz that you have an auto responder. Now the great thing about this is that my safelist biz has an integrated auto responder. The auto respoder is the same one provided to upgraded members of European Safelist. The cost of upgrading and getting access to this auto responder is only $3 a month (vs about $50 a month for aweber). The reason its cool that this is integrated is because it because a VERY easy sale. Just set up an email in your auto responder explaining that your referrals need an auto responder and show them the features of the European Safelist auto responder.

The truth is when I first learned what this business is and how it works I got really excited about it. I am actually integrating this program with the marketers cooperative. Its sheer brilliance in the way that it works. I have seen something like this for traffic exchanges, but never so well maintained. Also this is the first time I have seen one for safelists. I can’t possible recommend this program enough.

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