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Content marketing is an often misunderstood term. A lot of people think content marketing is the practice of making unique high quality content to attract customers before attempting to sell them on some product, service or idea. Whereas that is true, that is only part of the equation when it comes to content marketing. It is true that creating high quality content is the most important part of content marketing but its not the only part. Before I get into other aspects of content marketing lets first talk about why content marketing works.

spinning spinning

Imagine you are visiting an online store. You see an array of products that seem interesting to you, and each product has a brief description to help you decide if that the product you were looking for. How likely are you to buy a product from that store? The chances are pretty high if you are looking for a specific product and the store you visit has that product, but what if they have 5 different brands of the same product? How do you know which product to buy? Or what if you are looking for a specific product but there is actually a better product that does more and would be more useful to you, only you don’t know that the product even exists. This is where content marketing comes in.

Content Marketing with blogs

The most often used form of content marketing is blogging. Businesses, affiliate marketers, and business professionals from all walks of life have have started using blogs to inform people of products, give reviews of products, create howto’s, make video’s showing products in works, and for other various reasons pertaining to generating sales. A lot of people started using this practice because it was so effective for search engine marketing, however it has grown into one of the most powerful forms of marketing products on the internet. Why? Because it works so well.

Think about it, are you more likely to blindly buy a product you found online because the sales page was good at selling the product, or are you more likely to buy a product because you read such a good review of it on a blog you have grown to trust? Its pretty well known around the globe that a business has one goal in mind, to make money, therefore when you visit a store, you know that the motives of the store are to sell you a product. You know that the sales page of the product is going to say and do anything to get you to buy that product. However that is not the case when you visit a blog.

Content Distribution

As effective as blogging is however, it is not the only thing that should be done with content marketing. A good part of content marketing, is about content distribution. Content distribution is really the distributing of content in multiple places rather than just sharing links to your own content. There are only a few forms of content distribution really. The methods are guest posting on blogs, article marketing, and blog network content distribution.

Unfortunately a lot of people started using content to link build because search engines, specifically Google, based a large part of the SEO factor on incoming links to a website. Because content marketing became popular, so did garbage spam articles. Google decided because of this, among other reasons, they were going to impose a duplicate content penalty. This penalty has been a nightmare for the content marketing experts of the world. Google has effectively tried to make it so the content marketer can’t reuse the same content the same way they reuse other forms of advertising.

Article Spinnning

Because of this content marketers have had to learn the practice of article spinning. Article spinning is the practice of taking an article and rewriting it into different words so it looks like a unique article to Google and thus avoiding the penalty. Software called article spinning software has been created to help with article spinning.

The way article spinning software works is the software scans your article, compares the words of your article with a synonym dictionary and replaces as many words as it can. Unfortunately I have used many of these software packages and what happens is you end up with articles that look as if they were written by someone who couldn’t speak English very well.

I can’t even begin to explain how many article spinning software pages I have tried. Not one of them did what I wanted. So one had to be created. I needed an article spinning software that allowed me to manually or automatically spin articles. I wanted something that worked in a format I was familiar with. One that worked more like a word processor. So one was created. This is called Spinner Pro.

Spinner Pro

Spinner Pro is not like any other article spinning software. Let me tell you of the features of spinner pro that set it apart from other article spinning software.

Key features

  • Powerful and easy to use. If you use any text editor such as Word, you already know how to use SpinnerPro.
  • Other useful features of Spinner Pro include nested spinning, which enables the user to create virtually unlimited number of text variants, automation of spinning process, which allows saving of spin patterns for later use, and the list of keywords and key phrases that the user does not want to be replaced by synonyms.
  • Synonym suggestions system based on natural language processing algorithms and part of speech tagging.
  • Synonyms search is performed in the background without interrupting your work process.
  • Huge synonyms database.
  • Separate synonym list are tagged according to the word’s part of speech.
  • Stop keywords functional, it is possible provide list of keywords or any text constructions which will not be altered during spinning.
  • Advanced shortcuts system. Speed up your work by using Ctrl+Space for spinning and Alt+Space for replacing.
  • Automated spinning for the entire content or its selected part.
  • Editor with syntax highlighting and intuitive processing of spin constructions {word1|word2|word3}.
  • Multiple ways to export spinned or rewrited content.
  • Percentage metrics of unique parts of spinned or rewrited content.
  • Interpretation of contextual meanings of words for synonyms.
  • Analysing content for uniqueness based on shingles method which is native to search engines.
  • Analysing individual spin for uniqueness and compete analyse of all spins in the project.
  • Searching for article duplicates and collecting links to duplicated articles.
  • Percentage metric of the content uniqueness.

Below I have included a couple screenshot I think that help show Spinner Pro is not like other article spinning software.

spinner pro main editor

spinner pro main editor

As you can see from the screenshot of the main editor in Spinner Pro, this is a very familiar format for everyone who has ever used a word processor. You just right click the underlined words and you can see a list of alternatives to select from, or choice not to use any of them. Having this type of power makes for very readable articles when you spin them.

spinner pro automated spinning

spinner pro automated spinning

This second screenshot i just showed is the automated spinner. If you are fluent with using free traffic system this will really make you smile because you can copy your articles back and forth between the spinner pro software and the free traffic system menu’s as they both use the same format.

Now unlike most of the software you will see advertised here, the spinner pro software is sold directly from this website. That means clicking on my link brings you directly to the sales page. This software is the absolute best on the market and therefore isn’t included article submission software or any other content distribution software.

Let me know what you think if you try spinner pro.

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