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It was sometime in the mid 1990's I believe when the first match making script hit the internet. At the time there were a ton of dating sites, but the idea of automated matchmaking based on user criteria and input was still something new. The truth is that little piece of matchmaking software may well have been one of the greatest tools ever created for marketers and very few people know it. Imagine if you will, a service being created where instead of matching boys and girls for romantic interests we match businesses owners with other business owners, we match web designers with people needing web design, we match investors with companies in need of investors, and similar types of business relating matches? Imagine how much easier marketing would be.

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In stead of going out and seeking out new social connections and new partners you just log into a website, and your latest matches are handed to you – all you have to do is send the request and engage in conversation and business dealings. No making lists – its done for you, just log in and connect.

How much easier would life be if marketing worked this way?

Well want in on a little secret? It does work this way. There is a service called mynetworkingpro and it is based after this very concept. In fact it is a modified dating script being used for business!

You hve two options, you can be a free member, or a $10 a month member. As a free member the only thing you can really do is accept connection requests and post updates to the website social wall. As a paid member you can send and reply to email, you can make connections with people, and you get access to the business match making service.

Its one of the most basic sites I have ever used. Its not pretty site. Its design is horrible in my opinion. It looks like it ws made 15 years ago when I just started marketing…. but…. it works and it works WELL.

Whats better is although the layout is primitive and basic, the resources are anything but. As a paid member you can put 20 classified ads in the classified ad system that gets displayed AND USED by other members. You get the abilit to put out press releases and tons of other options really.

However what I find is that the matchmaking of mynetworkingpro is really what makes this site special. In fact where it not for the business matchmaking features, I would not have likely upgraded and learned all the other benefits.

If you don’t hve a lot to spend on advertising and are not really sure where to start, mynetworkingpro is one of the absolute best investments for marketing your business that you can get for $10 a month. It certainly beats out safelists, traffic exchanges, and other forms of marketing.

So, give mynetworkingpro a try and I am sure after your first month, you are going to be very happy. Of course as always, if you need any support or have any questions you are free to leave them as comments here, or contact me privately – whatever your preference.

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